Here’s How to Spot Blocked Gutters Before They Become a Problem

Here's How to Spot Blocked Gutters Before They Become a Problem

Blocked gutters are one of the most aggravating problems that a homeowner can face.

Once they’re clogged up you’re in trouble. Not only does it defeat the gutters’ purpose, but they also have the potential to damage your home.

Fortunately, there are some telltale signs that you’re headed down that road.

Read on and we’ll explore some easy ways to make sure that clogged gutters don’t get too far.

Animals Gathering

Are you finding that there are a lot more birds and pests hanging around your gutters? Is there a constant buzzing of flocks of mosquitos?

Chances are good that it’s time to take a look. Once a gutter has become clogged it creates a food source for animals.

Let it go long enough and it’s not just troublesome rats that are eating and drinking out of your gutters… they’re also going to bring predators.

One look at the list of animals that have been found in gutters will give most people pause.

Keep an eye on animal activity around your gutters. It’s one of the first signs that something is amiss.

Waterfalls in Rain

Take a look at the sides of the gutters while it’s raining. If water is cascading over the sides or even trickling, then you’ve got some kind of blockage.

Not only that, when gutters begin to overflow… it also defeats the purpose of your drainage system entirely.

You’ll probably want to wait until it’s dry but it’s definitely time to get up there and see what’s causing water to build up instead of flowing as designed.

Water Spotting on the Home’s Siding

One of the easiest to overlook signs is water spotting down the side of the home.

Once the water dries it often leaves behind deposits of minerals. Check the siding of your home which lies behind the gutter regularly for the best results. Just wait until it’s been dry for a couple of days.

This indication is actually one of the easiest ways to catch problems before they get out of hand. Since it can occur from relatively minor sloshing it’s not indicative of a major problem.

Fortunately, when you catch clogged gutters early you can often clear it yourself without needing professional help.

Blocked Gutters Sag

One of the worst things about having your gutters clogged is that the problem will begin to compound once it’s started.

If your gutters are sagging because there’s too much weight in them… well, you have a good indication that there’s a problem.

When this happens to your downspout and gutter drainage systems you’re already pretty far along the process and it’s time to take immediate action before the damage gets worse.

Solve Problems Before They Start

Blocked gutters don’t have to progress to an absurd degree before you take action. Instead, look for the above signs so that you know when it’s time to break out the ladder and get cleaning.

Keep an eye out in the future and you can turn a troublesome task into something minor… if more frequent.

And before you head out, be sure to hit the lifestyle section of our blog for more great home upkeep tips!


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