8 Inspiring Pool Area Ideas to Turn Your Backyard Into a Relaxing Oasis

8 Inspiring Pool Area Ideas to Turn Your Backyard Into a Relaxing Oasis

If you have a pool, you already know how much fun and relaxing it can be to chill out and take a dip.

But what if your backyard could use a little bit of updating or a whole new look?

Check out these eight pool area ideas that can transform your backyard into a beautiful, relaxing oasis you’ll love.

1. Hang a Hammock

Sure, lounge chairs are great, but what about an awesome hammock? These swinging loungers offer a truly relaxing way to kick back and enjoy a chill evening or afternoon.

All you need are two posts, or you can purchase a hammock that includes a stand for easy setup. Add a few throw pillows and a blanket, and you’ve got a spot that everyone will want to enjoy.

2. Pool Area Ideas: Spruce Things up with Potted Plants

From tropical palm trees to colorful flowers, potted plants can transform your pool area into a lush jungle. Fill your pots with an assortment of plants that range from luscious flowers to large, leafy green trees.

One bonus of keeping a container garden is that you can easily move the plants around as you see fit. Mix and match pots in a variety of different sizes and colors to create a visually pleasing aesthetic near the poolside.

3. Scatter Outdoor Area Rugs

If you want to make the pool area feel more welcoming, outdoor area rugs are a fantastic choice. Pick out some rugs in fun colors and patterns that will give the space a festive touch.

You can use outdoor area rugs to define different spaces, such as an outdoor dining area or kitchen. Just make sure the rugs you select are weather-resistant and won’t fade in the sun.

Feel free to mix it up with a variety of rugs, or you can purchase several in the same style to give the pool area a clean, cohesive look.

4. Throw Some Shade

If your backyard pool area doesn’t have any cover, it’s a good idea to create some. Whether it’s an outdoor umbrella or a sunshade, having this option will make the pool area much more relaxing and comfortable.

Shade sails add a fun look to the pool area and most are highly durable with UV-blocking qualities. The best part? Shade sails are affordable, easy to use, and can last for a long time with proper maintenance and storage.

Any kind of shade you can provide will make your backyard pool area more comfortable. It’s also a great way to help prevent sunburn while you’re sitting out there and relaxing.

5. Don’t Forget Dining

When it comes to pool area ideas, food might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But if you plan to entertain back there, a dining set is highly recommended.

Try a durable outdoor dining table with a hole for an umbrella so you can provide everyone with shade while they eat. Choose chairs that include comfortable cushions made of weather-resistant fabric to make relaxing much more appealing.

The idea is to make your backyard a place where everyone will want to gather, even if they’re not swimming. When you add an outdoor dining set, you’re creating a defined space where people will want to spend their time.

6. Brighten Things Up with Floating Pool Lights

Nothing says summer quite like an evening swim. If your pool doesn’t currently have any light installed, floating pool lights can be a fun, effective solution.

These lights come in a huge range of styles, shapes, and colors. They’re designed to float on the water to create an additional source of light while you swim or hang out outdoors.

Most floating pool lights are solar-powered which means you won’t need to worry about batteries. Simply leave them in the sun all day, and enjoy their brilliant glow at night time.

7. Enjoy Some Music

For true relaxation, music is definitely recommended. Look for speakers that are specifically made for the outdoors so you can enjoy your favorite tunes in any weather.

Some outdoor speakers look like rocks so they don’t interfere with the look of your landscaping. Make sure the speakers you choose have a Bluetooth connection so you can easily rock out using your smartphone or other electronics.

Consider getting wireless outdoor speakers so you can move them inside when they’re not in use. This option is much less expensive than having them electrically hard-wired.

8. Give the Deck a Makeover

If your pool area could use a little update, considering resurfacing the deck area. Read this guide to help you learn more about the process and benefits of pool deck resurfacing.

The process is fairly easy, and it’s much less expensive than tearing out your old deck and building a new one. With resurfacing, you can give your outdoor space a beautiful makeover that will leave a lasting impression.

Your Dream Oasis Awaits

To create a gorgeous oasis in your backyard, try these easy pool area ideas. From colorful rugs to potted plants and outdoor speakers, you’re really only limited by your own imagination.

Come up with some ways you can make your backyard pool area a welcoming, inviting place that everyone will love to spend time in. When you make this space your own, it becomes a favorite place that you’ll want to enjoy all summer long.

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