Why Women Are Attracted to Classy Men?

Classy men

A classy woman will always want to swipe right on a classy man. But what makes you seem classy within a glance? Be it a virtual information and display picture or a mere acquittance in person, men need to know how to be classy to get the woman of their dreams. Find out what women consider as classy and how to excel the art of being one of a kind.

Qualities in classy men

Here are some signs that express a classy gentleman. Find out how to become more approachable to women:

1. Have a good sense of humor

Women love a witty sense of humor that is prompt and meaningful. You don’t have to try to be unnecessarily funny, but you need the perfect punchlines or comebacks. It is easy to make out if someone has a good sense of humor. Women just need one conversation to figure this one. Men who have a witty sense of humor can make any bad situation light and make people smile. This is a quality that most women look for in the man of their dreams.

2. Good conversationalist

Classy men will never put you through awkward silences when he’s around. They are always good at coming up something interesting and strike a conversation to show their interest you. They will ask questions and talk intellectually. Every conversation seems complete and you want to listen to more things from this person. If someone can carry a conversation and pull it off well, he definitely comes out attractive to anyone.

3. Doesn’t compare himself to others

Classy men never compare themselves with other people or have an inferiority complex. They know who they are and what makes them special. They will never compare themselves with others or feel insecure about their flaws.

Classy men know that they are unique, talented, and special. They love themselves and know what sets them apart from others. These men are easy to be around and don’t complicate things unnecessarily.

4. He behaves respectfully

Classy men are kind and respectful towards everyone. They don’t treat people differently irrespective of backgrounds and cultures. These men don’t leave any opportunity to show their gratitude and appreciate people. They always use terms like “thank you” and “please”. They are kind and positivity ooze out of them all the time.

5. They can take care of themselves

Classy men aren’t the ones who’d run to their mothers for everything they need. They are fiercely independent and they know how to take care of themselves. These men don’t want people to do things for them, but they aren’t proud to ask. They would rather be self-sufficient than put others in pressure. One of the main classy men habits is to be a go-getter and willingness to get their hands dirty to accomplish a task.

6. He wears his best

A classy man will be well-groomed and like to wear good clothes. He will rather wear shirts and suits instead of t-shirts. They like to use classic clothing and would probably choose custom made clothing instead of regular wear.

Even if they might not to be too keen to dress up or wear variety, they will always want to create an impression. This is why they will never fail to look their best, have the right accessories, wear the best perfume, and make themselves presentable enough.

7. He has empathy

Men who are willing to listen give you respect. You might not relate to them and vice versa, but they will be keen to know who you are. They will hear you out and console you.

A good man who has values will never be rude or sound you off. They will be firm and speak the truth and use the right words. These men understand what obstacles are like and they will help you come out of problems.

8. Has an optimistic approach

A classy man will always look for solutions to a problem rather than pestering about the problem itself. He will not have time to dwell in a particular problem or spread negative energy. These men will try their best and not quit. They will ask for help they need, but they will try to bring out the best solutions possible.

9. Attention to detail

Men who care will give you the utmost importance. They will notice every tiny thing that matters to you and use them when they want to surprise you. Someone who notices every intricate detail about you definitely cares a lot.

10. Respects the elderly

You will find a classy man hold an elderly woman’s hand and help her cross the road. They will not think about what others think or think twice before sparing two minutes of their time. These men are alert about people around and are always eager to help. They also treat elderly people with love and care and go out of their way to be there.

11. Not apolitical

People who choose to be apolitical are just ignorant because you cannot live with politics in life. Being apolitical shows that you don’t have an opinion about anything and that speaks pretty low of a man. Classy men will always have an opinion and they will not be scared to voice it in front of people.

12. They will be fair

When you are closely related to a person, you will notice how fair or unfair they can get. It goes to the show a lot about their ethics and values. The right men will always be fair and put themselves in other people’s shoes before making decisions.

13. Respect women

If you find a man who doesn’t respect women, they can be abusive and harmful. Classy men don’t just respect women but also treat them right. Always stay away from people who you think are disrespectful or harmful to women.

14. Doesn’t confine you

Men who treat women like property and dominate them are not respectful. They cannot be considered as a noble person, leave aside qualities of being classy. If a person tells you what to do and what not to all the time, he isn’t a keeper and no way close to being classy.

15. Gives you space

A classy man will always give you your personal space and know their limitations. They will always take your consent about every move and make sure that you are comfortable when they are around.

If you find these qualities in a man, you will definitely want to know them better!


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