Cozy or Modern? 7 Living Room Decor Ideas You’ll Absolutely Adore

Cozy or Modern? 7 Living Room Decor Ideas You'll Absolutely Adore

When it is time to spice up your living room and you need some ideas, we have your back. We are in love with design as much as you are whether your style is cozy or modern.

When you’re starting with a blank canvas, it is easy to get lost in the nothingness. While some people have talent and creativity where they can come into an empty space an envision it put together beautifully, most people don’t have this gift.

If you’re drawing a blank on your brand new space, continue reading this article and we will help you spice up your space.

Make Your Living Room Look Like a Dream

When you’re looking for great pieces for your living room, you can look at these sites as they are great places to visit now to get some ideas of what is available. You can use many of these pieces in the following living room ideas.

1. Mix Up the Light & Dark Colors

You might not want to have an Instagram white living room but mixing in some white and lighter colors will make your room look more open and airy. If you make your room too white, people are worried about soiling the carpet, couch, chairs and other elements of the room.

Rooms that look too clean don’t always say open and welcoming even though they do look great on smartphone screens.

2. Use Different Textures

While texture is a little bit out of sight out of mind most of the time, it does make the living room feel cozier. Think of all the different feels you want to add to your living room.

You might have specific feels that you enjoy and always use but try adding some other textures to give yourself some variation.

3. Bring in Some Wood

Adding wood to your living room is a great way to make it look like you’re bringing nature into your house. You can use wood in a lot of different ways in your home.

You could add a wood table, stools, picture frames and even pieces of art.

4. Vary Your Upholstery

You might usually be a matchy-matchy person — as most are but you can make a living room look inviting and interesting by varying your upholstery. You might still have a couple of things that match but if you vary most of the pieces, you’ll keep the eyes busy when people walk into your living room.

5. Use a Splash of Bright Color

Bright colors can really add to the vibe of a room. While you might not have the type of personality that would make a whole accent wall a bright crimson — how about a few bright crimson throw pillows?

Look around the room and see where you can add little splashes of bright colors to give life to your living room.

Besides for throw pillows you might choose to add a splash of color by putting colorful chair cushions, bringing in some colorful flowers or adding art that has bright colors. Your imagination is your only limitation for adding beautiful color to your new living room design.

6. Use Movable Tables & Stools

If you are worried about taking up too much floor space in your living room, you can put your mind at ease by putting movable tables and stools in your living room. When you have more company and need the extra space in the room, you can decide whether you want to leave the tables and stools or move them to the side.

You may even choose to get some decorative tables and stools that you can fold up and put away if you plan on entertaining a lot.

7. Keep Conversation in Mind

When you’re designing your living room, you need to keep in mind that you don’t want people to have to yell to hear each other. If you have a big living room, you can think about conversation pods.

Have a little area where one group can talk and another on the other side of the living room. If you put your chairs and couches too far apart, you might create an uncomfortable silence and unnecessary distance between people.

Bonus Tip – Have Fun & Add Your Own Personality

When you’re thinking about your living room’s design, you can’t get too caught up in what is wrong and what is right. While these are helpful tips that can allow you to create a beautiful space — think of your own personality.

How can you add yourself into the design? How can you make it so that people walk into your living room and they know it is your space?

Don’t forget to add photos of your life that you find inspirational and enjoyable. Create a space that makes you proud to invite guests over for dinner parties and other events.

When you’re setting up your space, make sure you create an area in your living room where you can be a little disorganized. Constantly trying to keep everything perfect can be maddening.

While you want to be tidy, you don’t want to make your living room a full-time project.

Learn More About Home Design

Now that you know how to decorate your living room to make it a great space to live, why stop there? We have many other articles on home design that you’ll find helpful.

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