Here’s a checklist of all the documents required to apply for a birth certificate

birth certificate

The birth certificate is one of the most vital logs that documents a person’s birth details. It comprises of the circumstances of the birth and ensures the registration of the same. In India, the birth certificate is given utmost importance and is one of those document that is needed everywhere.

Applying a birth certificate for a newborn baby is hassle-free but if delayed it causes some minor problems in issuing a birth certificate. In urban areas, the birth certificate is issued by the municipal corporation whereas in the rural area’s the Tehsildar is the one who is authorized to issue a birth certificate. In remote villages, the Gram Panchayat office issues a birth certificate.

Procedures to administer a birth certificate 

  • Collect the birth certificate registration form from the municipal corporation or the authorised entity.
  • If the child is born in the hospital premises, the Medical Officer In charge provides the form.
  • Within 21 days, the form should be filled.
  • If the form is not filled within the tenure of 21 days then after police verification the birth certificate will be issued.
  • Once the authorised entity verifies the document of the childbirth, the birth certificate is issued to the applicants.
  • Follow up the authorised entity after & working days to obtain a birth certificate.

Birth certificate documents 

Applying for a birth certificated needs some documents to verify the authenticity of the birth. There are a few documents that are compulsory to provide during the application.

  • Parents birth certificate: This birth certificate document is needed to verify that both the parents belong to Indian origin at the time of birth.
  • Parents marriage certificate: The Marriage certificate is required to prove that you are legally married to your partner and is needed as a birth certificate document.
  • Birth letter: A birth letter from the hospital is one of the important documents. The record documents every detail of the birth. This is the document that verifies the childbirth.
  • Identity proof of the parents: A government authorised identity proof is needed to verify your identity. An applicant can attach either voter ID card, Aadhar card or any identification proof that is provided by the government of India. It is needed as a birth certificate document.

Process to apply for a birth certificate online 

In the era of digitalization, applying for a birth certificate online is a quite hassle-free and convenient way. In urban areas, the government have registered a few cities That can apply for a birth certificate online.

  • The Indian government has an official website that issues a birth certificate.
  • Visit this site for applying.
  • Click on the signup button present on the left side of the page.
  • Click on sign up and select the general public and register yourself.
  • After clicking on the sign-up, you will find a pop-up box where you have to fill in the mandatory information. Provide valid information.
  • The registration unit will show your name with online status. If not then your area is not registered for the service.
  • A verification code will be sent to your mobile number to enter the code and click on the register button.
  • After you register yourself a message will pop up with a prompt to verify the given email id.
  • Keep checking your emails. You will get a new password set up mail.
  • Set up your password and then sign in again.
  • A form will be displayed in which the applicant has to fill up the accurate details.
  • Fill up the form and submit it within 24 hours.
  • Print out the form and also keep a soft copy with you.
  • Visit the Municipal Corporation or registrar office.
  • The form will be attested by the registrar or sub-registrar.

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Importance of Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is a very vital document. It is very important to get admission in the school and colleges. It is also required for medical benefits and property claims. It is the first identity certificate you get after you are born. It becomes vital for the below reasons.

  • For employment, it is required for age proof.
  • For registering in National Population Register.
  • To apply for a passport.
  • For marriage purposes, it is required for the age proof.
  • Admission in colleges and schools.
  • For enrolling in electoral forms.
  • For immigration purposes.


A birth certificate document is the first identity proof of a person. It is very important for your child’s admission in any school or colleges. It is required as a document to issue other government authorised identity proof. The registration fee for a birth certificate is INR 20 and if registered late then a late fee is added. Nowadays it is very easy to apply for a birth certificate. The procedure is hassle-free if applied online. Offline applications take longer time to issue a birth certificate.


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