Here’s Why Escape Rooms Are Brilliant for Family Outings

Escape Rooms

It can be hard to get the entire family excited about a night out. Teens want to go off with their friends, kids are glued to their screens, and parents need something fun that’s not too hectic or expensive. Escape rooms have risen in popularity in recent years and for good reason. They’re appropriate for a wide range of ages, get kids up and moving, and provide a chance for quality time together. If you’ve never tried an escape room adventure with your family, you’ve got to plan to try it this summer!

What Happens in an Escape Room?

As the name suggests, this attraction is about escaping from a room or set of rooms by working together to solve riddles and puzzles. An escape room can take on many different themes and there’s bound to be one that appeals to your family. Your brood might enjoy a space station escape room or one based on pirates or mythology. Common themes include murder mysteries, a magician’s lair, or a science lab. Participants get a certain amount of time to crack the code and make it out of the room.

A Team-Building Activity

Escape rooms are popular with families because they fall under the group of attractions that require teamwork. Finding an activity that the entire family can participate in together is a tough feat, so parents are often thrilled to find out about an escape room in their area. The process of solving clues and working as a team lets each member of the family shine in his or her particular strengths. Maybe you have a daughter who is great at math while your son is good with technology. Watching them work together to solve a common problem is a satisfying sight that you may rarely see at home. In fact, researchers agree that escape room activities boost people’s moods, no matter their age. This makes them a win-win in terms of quality family time and stress relief.

This Activity Boosts Kids’ Confidence

When children are encouraged to use their skill set to find a solution, it can give them a renewed sense of self-worth and confidence. It’s easy for one member of the family to get overlooked or put down but when trying to get out of an escape room, every single person’s input is valuable. Moreover, it helps each kid realize that his or her gifts and strengths are important and can make a difference in the family. The result of this is greater confidence, self-worth, and even less anxiety for kids who get nervous around peers or in social situations. The best-case scenario is that your children will bring that self-esteem with them to school and their friend group.

Kids Can Get Away From Their Screens

Perhaps one of the hardest things for parents these days is prying their children away from a screen. It could be their phone, the TV, a computer, or tablet but whatever it is, it has captivated your kids and they won’t leave the couch. Not only is this bad for them physically but a lot of online content and games are mind-numbing and don’t provide much mental stimulation. On the other hand, an escape room requires that kids think outside of the box, talk to each other, and use their brain power to solve a problem. An escape room is a great summertime activity because it can combat that warm weather lethargy that lots of kids get as well as stimulate their critical thinking skills that may or may not have diminished after school let out. In addition, they’ll get some physical activity and an air-conditioned escape room is a welcome relief from the summertime heat.

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Communication Is Key

Finally, escape rooms are all about communication, something that lots of families struggle with today. If yours is one of those families that has communication issues, consider trying this activity out. An escape room will force your kids to talk to each other and work together. Strong communication is one of the “soft skills” that more employers are interested in these days. Communication, leadership, teamwork, and critical thinking are all soft skills that kids will develop as they engage in the escape room. Plus, you get to be part of the experience.

For the next time you’re planning a family outing, ditch the regular dinner and movie for a fun experience at the escape room. You won’t regret it!


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