What’s In A Name? Why Changing Your Name Can Be Beneficial

What's In A Name

Your name is one of the first things you tell people about yourself, and because names can have such an impact, they often help somebody to begin developing an opinion about you. This isn’t always fair! After all, some of the craziest names in the world include Crystal Shanda Lear and Marijuana Pepsi.

Depending on where you are in the world, there may be some restrictions. However, changing your name could be considered beneficial. For example, if you have a last name you find embarrassing, you could change it. If it was ‘Smellie’ you could change it to ‘Smiley’. Isn’t that much nicer? You don’t have to make it sound similar, though – you can use your imagination!

Some people even choose to change their names because it makes them feel more confident and powerful. In a book called ‘Radical Self Love’ the author ‘Gala Darling’ explains how she changed her name from Amy to Gala because she felt that it suited her more and make her feel more confident.

Then, there’s the idea that having a different name could mean landing your dream role. Don’t take this the wrong way – Marijuana Pepsi is a Dr! You can achieve anything regardless of your name. However, if you’d like to avoid answering a ton of questions, sneers, and explaining yourself to people, then you might want to change it slightly.

Names are a really interesting subject. Below, you can learn more about Irish names and perhaps get some inspiration.

credit to Celtic Cross Online


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