Plane, Train, or Taxi: The Top Tips for Traveling With CBD Oil

traveling with cbd oil

You love your CBD oil since it’s helped you with so many issues you were dealing with but how do you travel with it?

When you’re traveling with CBD oil, you don’t want to get in trouble. You also want to make sure that you’re being safe during your travels. Different modes of transportation may have their own rules.

Continue reading this article and you’ll learn more about how to travel with CBD oil so you can stay safe and out of trouble on your journey.

The 411 on Traveling with CBD Oil

As you find out more benefits of CBD, you don’t want to be without it when you’re going on vacation or traveling for business. When you use the following tips you will be able to travel worry-free.

Traveling By Air

One of the most difficult means of travel when it comes to packing is going by air. TSA aka the Transportation Security Administration prohibits certain items on aircraft.

Medical marijuana is not allowed on aircraft by TSA but that doesn’t mean your CBD is not allowed. You should look at what your CBD oil is derived from since CBD oil derived from marijuana is illegal on airplanes at the time this content is being written. CBD oil derived from hemp is not illegal, however.

It also has to meet the highest standards so make sure your hemp-derived CBD oil was produced under the proper conditions.

Hemp vs. Marijuana on Planes

It may be confusing why hemp CBD oil is allowed on aircraft but not marijuana CBD oil.

Marijuana and hemp are both varieties of the cannabis plant but are classified differently because of the differences in the concentration of THC. THC is the part of the cannabis that is a psychoactive compound.

Federal law still lists marijuana as an illegal substance due to the THC in it. Since hemp only has 0.3% THC vs. the 30% that marijuana has, it isn’t considered an illegal substance.

Before you travel with any type of CBD oil, make sure you’re up on the latest laws since they are always shifting depending on the leadership of the state at any given time.

Tips on Taking CBD oil on Airplanes

If you’re planning on traveling with CBD on a plane, make sure that you research the states you’ll be traveling to and from. While one of the states that you’re in might be favorable to your CBD oil, it might not be that way in the other state.

Some states have laws that are more strict than others — even on CBD that is derived from hemp.

You should review the certificate of analysis of the CBD product. Make sure to thoroughly review the label of the product you’re using. Even if the packaging notes that it is THC-free, that might not be the case.

If it turns out that your CBD oil is not labeled correctly, you could still be in trouble for having an illegal substance.

As with any other liquids, you need to check the airline’s requirements for liquids. Make sure it is under 3.4 oz of liquid or less in each carry on bag. If you bring more than that, they will throw it away or you’ll have to leave the airport.

Don’t try to hide your CBD oil or group it with other liquids since security may think that you’re trying to get an illegal product to pass off with legal products.

We don’t recommend that you try to travel internationally with CBD oil. The laws can be very different. In many parts of the world, marijuana and hemp are under heavy regulation.

While you may not get into much trouble in the US if you’re only holding for personal use, that may not be the case in another country.

Travel with CBD in Planes, Trains, Cars & Boats

If you’re skipping the airport, you might think that you’ll be free to carry CBD anywhere. Even though you’re not having your personal belongings and person checked, you should make sure you’re operating within the laws of the local area.

Checking Local Laws

If you’re traveling through multiple states, you are up against multiple laws. If you go into amusement parks and they check your purse or bag, they may find it and you could get into trouble.

Even if you’re using CBD oil that is derived from hemp, if the person that checks your bag is uneducated on the differences, they might detain you. If you plan on going into a place like this, you might want to leave your CBD oil in the hotel room just to be safe.

Make sure to keep all labels on your CBD oil so it is easy to identify. You should make sure the label isn’t worn or it might be difficult to read which could cause problems.

If you have lab reports, bring those along as well since it could help keep you out of hot water by showing the THC count is .03% or below.

Learn About Health and Fitness

Now that you know about traveling with CBD oil, you need to decide how high your tolerance for risk is. If you’re worried that you might be delayed or come into some legal problems, you might choose to leave it at home.

If you’re ready to keep learning about health and fitness, we’ve got many more articles for you. Navigate through our website and bookmark your favorite sections to come back for more great reads.


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