9 Easy Storage Solutions for a Small Home

9 Easy Storage Solutions for a Small Home

Are you low on space in your home?

Many people are unaware of the space that they have in their home and aren’t sure what to do when it comes to buying more things. You probably have space, you just need to get creative with your storage.

There are many home storage solution ideas that you can incorporate into your home to make the most use of your items. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money!

Here are 9 easy storage solutions that you can use in a small home.

1. Use Versatile Furniture

One of the best DIY storage ideas is using furniture that is capable of multitasking. Think of something like an ottoman, which is used as seating and storage. The top of an ottoman is a lid that opens up with storage beneath.

Investing in furniture that can double as storage will save you a lot of space. Another good idea would be to get a coffee table that has storage space such as shelving or baskets.

2. Start Using Unused Space

A problem that many homeowners encounter is that they have too many things with nowhere to put them. Chances are that they’re not making use of the unused space they have.

Make use of every corner of your house. Place boxes and toys beneath beds, and put dressers into closet spaces. Any type of furniture that is open underneath can be used to store something. You can get creative with where you store things!

3. Get Rid of Decorative Furniture

Everyone loves having a visually appealing home. However, that sometimes comes with having pointless furniture that does nothing but takes up space. If storage is what you’re after, you’ll need to get rid of your decorative furniture.

Don’t use a nightstand that just sits on a leg and has a surface to rest items. Invest in a nightstand that has drawers or shelves. This is great for storing things like books and electronics when you go to sleep.

Start replacing any decorative furniture with functional furniture. You will have more storage space than you thought you could have.

4. Create a Space For Work

Another problem that homeowners run into is having their work and projects scattered throughout the house. Working at the kitchen table leaves you fewer options for storage, and it can be annoying to navigate around your work items.

Creating a defined space to get work done will keep all of your work material in one area, and you can incorporate storage items to help with that. Investing in a functional desk with drawers and shelves will give you more space to store items.

You can also invest in cabinets and such if your work demands a lot of resources.

5. Make Use of Technology

Technology has advanced to the point where almost everything can be accessed via electronics. Take as much advantage of technology as you can!

Things like books, pictures, music, and documents can all be stored on an electronic device. This will save you a lot of space because you don’t have to buy furniture to store these things.

Books and music playing devices take up a large chunk of space, so start going digital to save space. Going digital is a lot easier, too, because you can access the content at any time. You don’t need to seek out a book at the local library.

Not only will you save space and time, but you will also be helping the environment.

6. Create Designated Areas for Specific Items

One of the best small house storage ideas is to make designated areas for specific types of items. This can mean setting up bins to hold electronics, or shelves to hold books.

Having an area that is used to store specific items will make it much easier for you to find something. Designated areas allow you to stay organized and prevent taking up unnecessary space.

You can make use of several storage organization ideas, such as using a storage bin for mail and documents. You can also make a bin for charging cables and things like batteries for your electronics.

7. Make Use of Cabinets

Cabinets are some of the best forms of storage because they’re usually mounted on the wall. This means they are completely out of the way when it comes to ground space.

Almost every home is equipped with cabinets. Make use of your cabinets by storing cookware and food. You won’t have to invest in a large cupboard to store these items.

Because cabinets are mounted against the wall, they almost always have space above them because they’re low enough to be reachable. Make use of the empty space that is above them for bottles and items that you don’t often use.

8. Avoid Buying Storage Containers in Sets

Many people buy storage containers in sets because they think they’re getting more bang for their buck. The truth is, you most likely will not need all of the items that come in a set.

Sets also don’t give you a choice when it comes to individual pieces. They are predesigned with specific sizes, so you can’t mix and match to get the sizes that you require.

You might think that you need all of the containers within a set, but you might end up with unused items that just take up space.

9. Invest in Large Storage Containers

If you have a ton of furniture that you’d like to store, you can invest in large storage containers. We’re talking about the containers that are used to transport equipment and large items.

Homeowners can make use of these by using them as a space to store their equipment and unused furniture. Spend some time comparing storage containers before buying, but it’s a great alternative to selling everything upright.

Save Space with These Easy Storage Solutions

Now that you’re aware of a plethora of easy storage solutions, start saving time and space by using these ideas in your home. Storage will be much more convenient and organized!


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