Here is how to create a peaceful garden retreat

create a serene garden retreat

All of us want to escape from the agitation of modern life, and our house is our peaceful retreat. We decorate it in a way that boosts our relaxation, and we bring inside all the things that can help us detach from the bustle and hustle we are experiencing daily. If one of you is the lucky owner of a house with a gardfven then you can transform it into a place where you clear your thoughts and unwind from daily stress.

If you are in a quest for creating a garden retreat then there are some steps that will help you build a zen space. Outdoor spaces come with numerous entertainment and recreation opportunities, it all depends on the way you design it.

Here are our top tips on how to create a serene garden retreat

Try to imagine how the space will look

Before you start ordering furniture, and selecting the trees you want to plant, you have to make a practical exercise and try to imagine how the retreat space will look. Don’t purchase anything until you have a clear vision of the project. Planning in advance will help you save money and time, and will help you be ready for the work the project implies. If you lack inspiration you should check some online resources like Pinterest and HGTV, they can visually stimulate you and help you determine what you would like.

Privacy is essential

If you are looking for relaxation and safety, your garden retreat should be secluded, isolated from outsiders’ eyes. The more hidden the place will be, the more serenity it will bring. You can install a fence, build a wall, or use hedges and trees to make the space more private. Any mean that blocks people from looking inside creates the privacy you need to unwind and enjoy some peaceful moments. It doesn’t mean that you have to enclose the entire space, you should design some spaces you want to keep private and use trees and walls to hide them from curious people.

Water sounds enhance tranquillity

If you have enough space, then installing some water features will help you create a space relaxing not only to watch, but also to listen. Garden waterfalls and fountains provide the peaceful sound of water trickling that creates the same effect rain has. The sound of water makes people feel relaxed, comfortable and tranquil. Water is one of the main nature’s elements, and listening to the sound it produces when it drops from a waterfall can recall the moments you spent when you were a child and enjoyed spending time outdoors.

Water features also attract wildlife, if you place a birdfeeder close to the garden pond or fountain, you will attract many local feathered buddies. If the pond is large enough you can even bring in some fish, koi fish are looking majestic, have you ever admired them closely?

Encourage more wildlife to make your garden their home

Allowing wildlife to make your backyard their home will offer you the opportunity to watch them closely, and alsothe rewarding feeling that you ensure the survival of numerous families of bugs, birds and even animals. You should start by planting trees, birds need them to create nests. Make sure you know how to care for the trees if you want to attract birds, they tend to make nests only in healthy and strong trees because they offer protection and food. If you don’t have time or you simply don’t know what tree maintenance implies, you should hire a company specialised in tree pruning to offer guidance. Once the trees are fully-grown you can install nesting boxes for the birds.

Hedges are also a great way to facilitate nesting, some birds consider hedges the perfect homes for their nests because they have foliage that boosts insect population.

Use wildflowers to bring pops of colours in the garden. If you want to draw bees and butterflies, wildflowers will help you do it because they have more pollen and nectar than traditional garden flowers. Plant some buddleias, bluebells, globe thistle, foxgloves and cornflowers to encourage bees and butterflies to join your garden.

Install outdoor lighting

If you want to ask your friends to join you in the garden then it’s important to have functional and stylish lighting. You will find on the market numerous outdoor lighting systems, from cost-effective solutions to LED lights. It all depends on your preferences and needs.

It’s advisable to include three types of lighting when you create the system, accent, task and ambient. Use spotlights and landscape kits for accent light, security and pathway lights for task light, and hanging and wall lights for ambient light. Before purchasing the system, you should measure the space and decide where you want to place the fixtures. You can draw a paper plan to set the placement for all fixtures; it will help you determine how many of them you have to buy.

When you install the lighting system, you should check how it looks from both inside the house and from the garden. Lighting gardens offer the impression of a larger room if they can be seen from indoors.

Outdoor lighting not only that enhances the ambiance of the space, but it can also help you boost security. Install light fixtures at all entry points in the house and garden.

Furniture and accessories – the final touch

You can find garden furniture quite easy these days. Most furniture stores offer solutions for outdoors spaces. If you want the space to have a luxurious look, you should consider the option of ordering bespoke furniture. You design the items and they fit perfectly the space. If you plan to build a patio, you can use customised furniture to create a unique and engaging environment. According to the activities, you plan to have while in the garden, you determine the type of furniture items you need. A swing, a garden sofa, and a rattan table are the main elements everyone should have in a garden.


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