5 Useful Tips for Social Media Success

5 Useful Tips for Social Media Success

Success doesn’t choose anyone, we carve our own paths towards fulfilling what we want. The same principle applies to boost one’s presence and prosper on social media. How do you determine social media success?

Many think it’s about how many posts or likes and shares you get from your social media posts but it’s about creating value and creating a legacy that attracts and cares for its audience. The true success in social media lies in your vision for the brand. It’s about bringing in something significant to the lives of consumers, it’s about upbringing your persona to the brand and letting consumers experience what it feels like when they’re immersed with your brand.

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With that said, here are five helpful tips that can help you achieve further success on social media.

3Cs: Content, consistency, and communication


Time and time again, digital marketers have always emphasised that the secret to any social media success is great content marketing, which is absolutely true and proven and it all starts with a good content marketing strategy.

5 Useful Tips for Social Media Success

It begins by asking yourself these questions: where and how will you deliver content to audience and how will you measure the KPIs, what your brand’s going to look like and how will you make it look better, how will you provide value through your content, and what business goals do you need to achieve and synchronise with your current content strategy. Content is something that every business owner must prioritise because this will drive your audience to know more about what you offer to them.


If there’s anything that business owners also fail to manage sometimes, it’s the consistency of what they do on their socials. One day, they’re actively posting on social media and responding to their customer’s inquiries and then the next thing you know, they’ve remained dormant. Having good consistency as a brand lets you retain good customer relationships, that’s why it’s important to have consistent brand messaging, community management, and always making sure that your audience is informed whenever something’s up with your company.


Another important factor that determines your success on social media is how you communicate with your audience and that means whether they’re only engaging with your brand or during pre- and post- purchasing of your products or services. The way that you talk to your audience says a lot more about your brand and shapes your brand’s reputation, that’s why you need to be extra aware of what you do on your socials at all times. Or maybe, just hire a leading social media agency to do the work for you.

Boost your presence through partnerships

Startups and new businesses have bigger chances of becoming more recognised when they partner with recognised local or international brands and in some cases, with their competitors (and it’s going to become a future trend! It’s called coopetition.) Partnerships, affiliate marketing, and influencer marketing helps create a sense of trust within your audience, knowing that your brand has the ability to establish good relationships with other brands and an investment for both parties, being able to benefit from each other’s products and services and boost their branding image on social media by creating buzz.

Start using tools to track on everything.

There are lots of free and paid social media management and analytics tools that you can use to track your social media growth. It pays a lot to know whether your content is effective or not or whether you’re reaching the right kind of audience. Having tools to determine your socials’ KPI will help you recalibrate your social media marketing strategy if needed, therefore, you’re better informed and avoiding managing social media without any concrete plan at all.

Quality always beats quantity.

The number of posts you make on social media doesn’t equate a fixed number of social media posts that shows quality and effectivity. Make sure that your social media posts helps inform and create engagement among your audience, not just some generic type of post that your other competitors can actually do at any time of the day.

Listen to what’s in trend and plan things ahead.

It pays more than enough to do some social media listening. As a business owner, it’s important to learn what’s coming in and what’s going out and also be able to foresee the future trends in your industry. Always be aware of what’s happening in the digital dimension, incorporate it in your content or put it in your editorial calendar for future reference, and always have the ability to learn and absorb all kinds of information that can be useful for your brand on social media.


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