Should You Propose With A Diamond Ring?

The Diamond Magic

You’re probably here thinking about how cliché proposing with a diamond ring is. But then again, you’re here because you’re hesitant to propose with any other type of ring. I know that this is one of the toughest life decisions you are ever going to make. You can be 100% sure about your partner and she could be 100% sure about you but moving things forward can really take a lot from you – your energy, courage, spirit, nerve, and whatever else. Deciding to tie the knot is never easy, especially if you still don’t know if she’ll say YES for sure.

The only thing left to do now is to make sure that you make all conditions favourable; to make the odds sway on your side. And of course, the ring has just got to be perfect right?

The big question now is: Will it be a diamond or will it be something else entirely?

If you really think about it, there’s like a long list of mineral crystals other than diamonds. We have rubies, topazes, aquamarines, quartz, sapphires, and all sorts of stones. There are even proposals that don’t involve rings at all (read more). But why is it that people always go with a diamond proposal? Isn’t anyone even trying to be original these days?

The Diamond Magic

If it’s about originality, then I know a lot of people who would probably die trying to be original. The world kind of works that way these days. And to be honest, people are more concerned about what kind of story they’re going to show in their social media accounts more than the actual declaration of everlasting love itself. I do hope you’re not one of them though.

This proposal is going to be a pivotal point in your life. It’s something you’re going to reminisce about when old age comes – hopefully with your one and only person, assuming she says yes. If you want everything to be perfect not so you can give people a good show but to make that one person who holds your heart very happy, then congratulations. Your motivations are in the right place. This is why I can assure you that everything will go well. Your sincerity and affection will definitely reach her.

But do you absolutely have to pop the question with a diamond ring?

Well, no. At least read about them first.  A diamond ring will not guarantee you a big yes. It’s also not going to guarantee you the best marriage. In fact, you can propose with anything if you wanted to – a silver ring, a pearl earring, maybe you can even try proposing with a dog. Wedding proposals don’t necessarily need to have a ring. I’ve witnessed many couples enjoy years and years of marriage without ever formally proposing to each other – it just sort of happened because it felt like the right thing to do at the time. Anyway, what I want to say is that, this ring is not going to give you the happiness you seek. This ring is merely a symbol. Everything that will happen in your relationship is the product of you and your partner’s hard work.

Still, it would hurt to follow suit with tradition. So if you feel like your partner deserves the best ring ever (and she does) – then why not get her a diamond one? I just said that it didn’t have to be a diamond but you know, women are happy to receive diamonds not just because of their price but rather because of their symbolism.

“Diamonds are forever.”

You probably think that jewellers simply tell you this so that you’ll buy their merchandise but diamonds really are forever. They are one of the hardest and strongest minerals in this planet and they will last way longer than any of us in this world (Check out this video if you want to know why:

Giving your partner something that precious can really tell her that you mean to spend an eternity with her – just like that diamond.

Diamonds are symbols of eternal love. They embody your wish and desire to be with a person forever. If you have feelings towards a person that are so strong you can’t express them in words, then maybe a diamond ring can say it loud and clear for you. That, my friend, is the diamond magic.

Good luck and best wishes!


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