Most Common Criminal Cases in Canada and What to Do If You are Accused by a Toronto Criminal Lawyer

Most Common Criminal Cases in Canada and What to Do If You are Accused by a Toronto Criminal Lawyer

Both criminal accusations and crimes are more common than people realise until it happens to them. Unless you are a hardened criminal, chances are that if you ever find yourself accused of a criminal charge, it will unnerve you no end. To both know what the most common criminal cases are in Canada and what you can do about it if you are ever unfortunate enough to face trial along with a criminal lawyer on the basis of such an accusation, read on.

Drug Charges

Canada certainly has legalized recreational marijuana, but all other illegal drugs are still illegal in the country. Possessing, taking, selling, growing, making, importing, exporting or distributing any one of those illegal drugs without authorisation or a medical prescription (prescription drugs only) can lead to criminal charges and consequent prosecution, leading to years of jail time at the hand of Toronto criminal lawyers.

Failure to Comply

If someone has filed a restraining order against you, or if you are told not to leave the city by the police during an investigation, you are expected to comply with those orders.

In fact, if you are being restrained by the police for some reason, you are expected to comply, even if you are not guilty. Failure to comply is a very common criminal offence in Canada, unfortunately, and sometimes it’s a result of ignorance more than anything else.

Breach of Probation

It is similar to the failure to comply offence, but strictly pertains to Toronto criminal convicts who have been let out of prison for good behavior. The probation period comes with some very strict rules and limitations which cannot be breached. If they are breached, the person will end up back in prison. That is why it’s extremely important to understand breach of probation law.


This one is self-explanatory, so there’s no point in talking about what it is and why it is considered to be a criminal offence! However, criminal lawyer reports indicate that cases of burglary and petty theft have risen in number recently, placing it in the top five crimes of 2019.

Driving Under the Influence

Marijuana might be legal, but driving under the influence of marijuana isn’t, just like drunk driving isn’t legal, although alcohol is.

As it stands now, drunk driving or driving under the influence of any medicine or narcotics that impairs human judgement is the number one crime in Canada. It often leads to the loss of life on both ends, which makes it possibly the worse situation to be in as well.

What Can You Do?

The very first thing to do would be to avoid being in any of the circumstances in the first place, now that you know what they are. Nevertheless, it’s not always the accused party who is at fault, as every criminal case filed doesn’t necessarily have a basis for the individual to be convicted as a felon.

In such circumstances, you need to call in your Toronto criminal lawyer immediately and keep your mouth shut until he gets there. If you are in Toronto, Rob MacDonald is a Toronto Criminal Lawyer with a significant reputation as a defense lawyer, so there’s an option to rely on.

Once your Toronto criminal lawyer gets there, tell him everything he asks and do not lie because anything you say to him cannot be held in court against you, due to attorney-client privilege.


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