Which DNA Test is Best for Health Issues?

dna testing

Did you know that DNA testing kits can be used for health issues and not just to know about your relatives and ancestors? You can learn about your health status through the DNA testing kits. The DNA testing kits have been given FDA approval to market the genetic risk information for specific health conditions. In this case, you can know if there is a specific health condition that you should be worried about and take the necessary action soon enough.

The DNA health test works in a unique way to determine any genetic-related health conditions. Before you proceed to take this test, here is some useful information you should know about DNA health testing.

Now that you are confident about taking a DNA health testing, it is important to know about what you will be testing. A good DNA test is that which can test specific health conditions. Here is a look at some of the testing that a DNA test should be offering: DNA test for adoptees.

  1. Wellness and Traits Test

The wellness and traits report will contain details of other traits that are related to your health. For instance, you can learn about your genetic weight with the wellness and traits report. You will also know how likely you are to develop or experience deep sleep, or if there is any specific addiction in your genes. With such information, you can get the necessary guide and advice about your lifestyle and diet.

However, you should not focus all your attention on the information given. For example, the natural genetic weight might be 7% above your true weight. Keep in mind that genetics is just a small portion of the story. The environment and lifestyle are the vital factors that will be covered in this test.

  1. Carrier Screening

With a carrier screening, you will know if you carry a genetic variant linked to specific genetic disorders. In most cases, these genetic variants won’t affect you directly. However, they may be passed down to your children through the genes. For instance, disorders like hereditary hearing loss, sickle cell anemia, and cystic fibrosis can be passed down to your children. The worst condition is when every parent is a carrier of a certain disease-causing variant. In this case, there will be a 25% chance that the child will be born with that disease. It might not show during birth but might develop later in the child’s life.

So you might wonder, why take a genetic screening test and how would it solve the disorder? With a genetic screening test, a couple can take the necessary steps to lessen the possibility of their kids inheriting the specific disorder. Also, it helps them plan for the future and prepares how to handle the disorder when it finally develops in the child. They can partner with a genetic counselor or a healthcare provider to help them fix this.

Vitagene is one of the trusted DNA testing kits out there. It can offer Carrier Screening among other disorders, which means that you can rely on it to determine your child’s health condition. With the available Vitagene reviews, you can confidently be sure of a reliable carrier screening.

  1. Nutrition and Fruit Sensitivity

This is another health test that the DNA testing kit should be able to deliver. The nutrition, fitness, and wellness tests supposedly the most popular tests. A nutrition and fitness test will give you detailed information about your health condition. But also, it will give you the recommendations that you should take.

With these actionable recommendations, you will know how to live a healthy lifestyle. Generally, nutrition screening will look at the gene variants that can be linked to specific traits like muscle tissue type or metabolism. Usually, these tests are very fun and motivating, but there’s a catch.

First, you need to take the resulting recommendation appropriately. Also, you should remember that the lifestyle and environmental factors are more considerate in this case. Lastly, you should talk to a professional nutritionist to help you make the needed diet change.

Diet changes can be drastic, which can be difficult to transition too. Some can even have a negative impact on your health, which is why you need to talk to a professional nutritionist to guide you through it.

  1. Cellular Aging

Did you know that you can now learn if your cells are aging well or not through a DNA testing kit? The cellular aging tests are based on telomeres. These are cap structures that are responsible for protecting the ends of your chromosomes from being degraded.

Naturally, your telomeres will wear down and even shorten as you get old. Whenever a cell is divided and the DNA replicates itself, the telomeres will become a little shorter than before. Nonetheless, you should know that some factors can still affect the length of the telomere. For instance, your diet, stress management, exercise, and sleep quality will affect your telomere length positively or negatively.

This test will measure the length of your telomeres and compare them to others of your sex and age. This will help to estimate how well you are aging. The test will be based on the results found in people of the same age and sex, and mostly the seniors.

  1. Fitness

Fitness testing is another form of wellness that helps to determine your health. The fitness DNA tests will analyze different genes that are related to exercise recovery, metabolism, as well as muscle strength.

The best way to enjoy this test is by following the same requirements of nutrition testing. Take the recommended actions, consider the lifestyle and environmental factors, and consult a professional. In this case, you will need to talk to a professional physical trainer or medical professional to help you switch to the ideal fitness system.

Keep in mind that you should consider taking a DNA testing kit that is accurate enough to give you the deserved results. Furthermore, remember that the reputation of the DNA testing kit is important as well. Above all, ensure that you talk to the professional health specialists to help you make the needed changes and transitions. Don’t forget that DNA testing has both its advantages and advantages. Either way, you still need it.


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