How to Plan the Tropical Honeymoon of Your Dreams

How to Plan the Tropical Honeymoon of Your Dreams

If you are getting married, your honeymoon might be the part you are (secretly) most excited for. After all, it will be relaxing and perfect with the right partner and right planning. Wanting to make sure it all aligns with your dreams? Here are some tips to the tropical honeymoon that can’t be beat.

Pick a spot with tons of activity options

On your trip, you will want a balance of adventurous activities. Some fun ideas are rope courses, ziplines, or surfing. In a tropical location, you can find a lot of unique experiences like these. If you take a trip to West Palm Beach, there are zoos and nature areas for you to spend a day visiting. Look for things that you like to do as a couple and schedule some hikes and couple outings. You have a whole lifetime to spend together, so you might as well kick-start it with some adrenaline pumping vacation activities.

Do some shopping so you look 100%

Before your trip, make sure to do some shopping. Head to some online boutiques to score on some discount sundresses and skirts. You might also want to think about beach-approved glasses. You might be wondering, “where can I get prescription sunglasses?”  There are so many online and brick-and-mortar stores that have you covered with their selection. Get a pair for you and your significant other so you don’t feel compelled to choose between blurry vision or squinting the entire trip.

You will also want to make sure you have comfortable tennis shoes, sandals, and dress shoes. If you do some walking, tennis shoes are essential to not getting blisters. You also will need sandals for the beach, as well as dress shoes for fancy evenings. If there is one thing you can’t pack enough of—it’s shoes.

Make sure to schedule romantic couple activities

The romance is essential to a dream beach honeymoon. Take time before your trip to scope out romantic events and activities. For example, a sunset cruise in West Palm Beach is a beautiful way to kick off a week of love. Book some evening dinners near the water, as well as sunrise strolls together.

In busy tourist areas, you will likely need to plan far in advance to score any secluded dinners or fancy restaurant tables. Call in advance and make your special requests. Having meals together is a great time to chat and reminisce on the beautiful wedding you shared together. Some nights you might even feel inclined to splurge on room service and lay low. Remember that your honeymoon should be time you take to spend on you and your relationship.

Let your hotel know of any special requests and that it is your honeymoon  

Most hotels will sprinkle rose petals on your bed if they know it is your honeymoon. Even if you are someone who doesn’t like a lot of fuss, this is a great way to get a bit of special treatment. This is also a good way to get leverage on picking a room with a view or a hot tub. Be sure to disclose that it is your honeymoon because you never know what kinds of perks it will bring. Some restaurants might even give you a special desert or house bottle of wine.

All this takes is a few calls and a little bit of time to get the bit of star treatment you deserve! Do all the planning before so you don’t have to worry about all the details after. This trip will be one you remember forever thanks to these tropical honeymoon tips.


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