How to Have a Perfect Honeymoon

How to Have a Perfect Honeymoon

After the vows are said, the wedding cake is cut and the last guest has wandered off the dance floor, you’re finally ready for that perfect honeymoon in Florida you’ve been dreaming about. By day three, when you’re both sunburnt and tired of the beach, you might be ready to consider some alternative ways to enjoy the rest of your vacation together. Here are some aspects of your honeymoon you’ll really want to consider.

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Finding things to do to enjoy one another’s company can sometimes be a challenge. Look for entertainment experiences that will help you make memories with each other, rather than just hitting the movies. This can be anything from going to a live concert with your favorite country singer to dinner train rides near Bradenton Florida. If you find activities that you both enjoy, your honeymoon will be all the more special. Don’t panic if you have differing interests, just find ways to introduce each other to the things you love most.


One of the signs of a great vacation is fantastic food. You don’t have to lay down the cash for a five-star restaurant every night you go out on your honeymoon. Rather than hitting the standard expensive options, find romantic cafes and unique food offerings. Trying new things together can be a great experience to set the tone for your relationship as a married couple, so go ahead and try that alligator pizza or vegan Thai curry. Whatever you do, make it fun for the both of you and don’t forget dessert.


Another element of a great vacation is giving yourselves time to recover from the craziness of wedding preparation. Now that everything’s over but the thank-you notes, you’re going to want to take some down time to get to know your new spouse. You only honeymoon once, so don’t forget to deactivate the notifications for your work email.

When it comes to you and your new spouse, you’re going to want to plan a honeymoon that’s just for you. Don’t feel pressured to do things you know your partner hates just to get that perfect social media snap. As long as your focus is on spending time together recovering from the wedding process, you’ll be off to a great start to your new companionship. Who knows? You might even learn a thing or two about your new spouse that you never knew before.


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