Bounce House and Inflatable Castles – The Best Cure for an Introvert Child

inflatable castles

Think of the word “kids,” and your brain will auto-suggest words like playful, active, extrovert, talkative, and high-energy. Most of us would love our kids to be an embodiment of vibrant energy. We want them to be active and filled with spontaneity. Unfortunately, not all kids embody these set of adjectives and phrases.  Some kids are quiet, shy, and very introvert. They find it challenging staying outdoors for a long time and making new friends. Introvert and shy kids like to stay indoors and play on their own. Is your little one somewhat similar? If yes, you can opt-in for a bounce house and inflatable castle to make him/her more social.

You always don’t need a birthday party to rent a bounce house. Plan a play day, inviting other kids and install a bounce house. If you are experimenting this for the first time, it’s smart to hire a bounce house renting company near you. To know more, check out MYBHR bounce house rentals directory.

Your child might not open up to this idea at the first go! But gradually, as he/she sees other kids play on a bounce house, he/she will start to develop an interest. Are you thinking about how an inflatable castle can help to make your child come out of his/her shell? The following pointers will explain it to you.

  1. Kids love to play with other kids without any competition

A bounce house game has no completion attached to it. No one loses, no one wins. It’s a platform where kids let loose their childlike abandon and enjoy moving and jumping around. Most often, parents take this as an outdoor physical activity that makes their kids fit. An introvert or shy child is not comfortable in behaving freely with others. However, when he/she sees that the bounce house game is all about fun, merriment than winning/losing, he/he starts to develop an interest.

  1. Kids love the company of other kids

As they say, “like attracts like,” kids love the company of other kids! Your shy little one might love to stay silent when he/she is amongst adults. You might get to discover a different side to his/her child persona, in the company of other kids. Through bounce house games and music, your kid will start to interact with other kids around and gradually start to mix up socially.

  1. Physical activity sheds inhibitions

Our inhibitions get formed when we are a kid. So, often, a shy or reserved kid is the one with several inhibitions. No amount of fond cajoling and coaxing can get your reserve child to mix up with others. Since, children have a natural tendency to be outdoors, enjoy the sun and play with others, you can put that to use. Also, any physical activity helps to shed a few inhibitions. Playing inside a bounce house with others will help your little one to come out from his/her shell in subtle ways.

It takes time for every kid to open up to their true nature. A bounce house or inflatable castle will not work result in an overnight change. However, with gradual attempts, it might nudge your child to explore and express his/her social persona as well.


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