Keeping Your Older Loved One Safe and Happy

Keeping Your Older Loved One Safe and Happy

When loved ones get older and start requiring help it can be a real dilemma as to how to take care of them. Your main concerns are, of course, how to keep them happy and well taken care of. What can you do to help maintain their quality of life?? Here are some ideas to make things run more smoothly if you opt to keep them at home.

Treat Them With Respect

Even if you end up helping with bathing or toileting, have lighthearted discussions about anything else while helping. Don’t let them feel you are “looking” at them. Use common niceties like please and thank you, ask if they would care for this or that and treat them as you would anyone else you care about, even if their memory is going.

Get Help if Needed

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. The daily rigors of caring for a declining adult can be overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you keep your relative at home. When you need a break or some assistance, call on the compassionate home health care Bethesda Maryland has to offer.

Help Preserve Their Social Life

When someone is aging and no longer feeling at their best, it can become very lonely. Call an old friend to come to visit them on occasion. If they are up to it, arrange a bingo night or something similar to allow them to mingle socially and retain some sense of normalcy.

Arrange occasional Outings

Help your loved one enjoy the outside world. Take them for a scenic ride; to take in a movie or even stop for a drive-thru ice cream. A sunny day can do wonders for morale – for both of you. Keep their life as full and normal as they are able to tolerate.

There is much you can do to preserve an aged person’s quality of life. With a variety of activities, an overdose of kindness and some help when needed, caretaking can be a more successful and achievable option for eldercare.


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