What Is the Best Personal Trainer Certification in Canada?

What Is the Best Personal Trainer Certification in Canada?

There are a ton of training program that cost more than the average tuition each year in order to become a personal trainer, and more importantly, even in Canada, there are thousands of people each year that just go to a college and spend more than they really need to in order to get the best personal trainer certification Canada. So, what is the exact personal trainer cert you can get when it comes to personal training in Canada? We’ll get into that in this post.

The Degree

The degree offered by the Hilltop Academy is not only a diploma but also certifications of the BCRPA (British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association) and the ACE (American Council of Exercise). Why is this great? Because by getting these degrees and certifications combined, you become a personal trainer that can literally work anywhere in continental America.

The Program

The program that Hilltop offers takes about 17 weeks. That’s the standard amount of time that you would have for almost an entire semester at college, and only about a fourth of the time, you would need to go to a technical school in order to achieve the same results. You’ll learn more than other schools offer because you will get extensive courses on medical training, CPR certifications, exercise science, weight training, and so much more. The courses are designed to help you better understand so you can help others better yourself, thus making you one of the best and top rated personal trainers that money will have to offer.

Why Class Size is Important

In order to pull you through aside from giving you the program and test (and even paying for it again if you put your all into it and don’t make the cut!), you can ensure that your class size has a lot to do with it. Most colleges have large classes with more than 20 students, and they don’t devote their time to only a couple of courses.

Many of them have literally the entire student base in their class at least once per week during their course days. This can make it hard to get a grip on the ability to optimize your time, as well as doesn’t show you as much because your professor is too busy to literally give you the one on one time that you need in order to succeed the most. That’s something that doesn’t happen at Hilltop. Most of the classes are designed to only be about 15-20 students so you can get the time you need to get the most and best training possible.


Hilltop Academy offers courses that can get you not only certified, but also teach you the important values of being a successful fitness trainer. This helps you be a better you and helps to get others in better health through you by giving you the ultimate education possible. They have numerous success stories and are a great way when someone’s looking for a career change.


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