An Ultimate Guide To Use A Toddler Slide

An Ultimate Guide To Use A Toddler Slide

Toddler slides are important as they allow your little munchkin to enjoy their time and also burn off some fat or extra energy. Additionally, a toddler slide allows your kiddo to easily develop motor skills. Now, after thorough scrutiny in the market, you have finally purchased a slide that you deem right for your little one. However, you are unaware or unsure of how best to use the slide to ensure it benefits your little one to the maximum. You will agree with me that there is less information on the internet on how you can use your toddler slide effectively. However, worry not; I have compiled some tips that will guide you on how to use the toddler slide effectively. 

A guide for a little toddler

Well, you have a little toddler who is learning how to slide and you have to be his or her teacher on this. Where do you start? Since your kid is still very small, he or she cannot slide normally like how other grown kids do. Now, you need to teach your kiddo how to slide using their tummy. Start by putting your kiddo on tummy with the feet down at the midpoint of the slide. Ensure your kiddo’s hands are up or near the face and not down at his or her sides. Maintain eye contact with your kiddo to make sure his head is holding up to you. You don’t want to smear your little munchkin’s face against the wall of the slide as he goes down. You can play with your kiddo while to make sure his or head is looking right to you to avoid any injuries to the head or face. Once you make sure that the face is up and no injuries may be caused, allow your kiddo to slide down gently to the bottom. You might want to hold your kiddo as he slides for the first trip since it might be scary to him or her and your presence would help to alleviate the situation. Repeat the process until you are worn out as you will find out that your kiddo will want to go on and on. You may need to visit a spa at the end of the first day as your little is likely to become addicted to the slide. Click here for more solid ideas.

It is important to note that it might be difficult at first as you are afraid that your kiddo might fall down but after some time you will get comfortable and allow your kid to slide all the way down. Once your kiddo gets comfortable, you can now try sliding him or her on his or her back. 

Guide for big toddlers

If you have a toddler who is older, teaching him or her on how to use the slide is not that complex. At this stage, before your kiddo can do the sliding, they will need to climb to the top. As a result, you will need to train your kiddo how to coordinate his or her arms and legs and learn that the slide has two sides; top and the bottom. In other words, start by training your kiddo on directions. If your kid has never used a slide before, you can start by lifting him or her up to the slide and slowly teach him or her how to climb the ladder.

Train your little one on how to grasp the rungs of the ladder by assisting him or her to get up to the slide. Train him or her on how to easily straighten his or her arms and legs while pushing and pulling their way up the ladder. This may take some few days but to enhance their learning capacity, you can reduce the frequency by which you lift them up to the slide.

Once at the top, train your kiddo on how to position himself whether sitting or lying on their tummy or back. Train him on the tactics of getting organized before he or she embarks on the journey down the slide.

Final thoughts

Using the slide is not only meant for fun, there are myriads of benefits that come with the slide. Your kiddo needs to learn how to effectively use it for maximum benefits. Using the above-given tips will enhance your kid’s experience with the slides. The tips are meant for both little and bigger toddlers and you can be assured of many hours of fun and learning.    


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