4 Things to Remember When Buying Stamps in Bulk

4 Things to Remember When Buying Stamps in Bulk

Stamps can be purchased in many different ways compared to days of old when you had to go along to the postal outlet with your letter or parcel, stand in line and wait for your turn. If you were fortunate, you managed to go along at a quiet time but more often than not, you would be left standing in line with a number of other people looking for various services, some of which could take time for the postal worker.


Now, there are other options available when you are purchasing stamps and you can even buy stamps in bulk but what should you remember when you are buying stamps in bulk? The following article discusses 4 points which are worth remembering.


Check Your Supplier

If you are purchasing online it’s worth to check out OnlineStamp.net, or anywhere else for that matter, it is important that you use a reputable supplier. If you are online, you can check the website and make contact either by email or ‘phone. Reputable suppliers will quickly get back to you to answer any queries that you may have or provide reassurance. If you are purchasing via a website, there should be detailed information provided and an ordering process which is easy and nonrestrictive. Like any product, you have to ensure that you are purchasing the genuine article. You should find that your chosen company has reviews and a quick Google search should be able to alert you to any problems. Remember that any deal that sounds too good to be true probably is!



If you are buying in bulk, depending upon the size of your bulk order, you may be able to achieve a discounted price. Check around for companies who will be prepared to come and go with you and shop around for the best offer that will suit your needs.


Ease of Service

You can either purchase stamps which can be stuck to your letters or you can purchase stamps which can be printed using your own printer. If you are printing your own, i is important that you choose a company who offers you an easy ordering process, especially if you are likely to be making repeated bulk orders. There should be a choice of payment methods and the online process should be simple and easy to follow with clear instructions so that you are able to easily enter your information.without any ambiguity.



Some of the printable stamps come with options. You should be able to choose your type of postage, local, international, quick delivery, insured shipment, etc. Some of the online stamps come with printed designs and there can be options to design your own stamps which would allow you to add your company logo. This can give your parcel or letter that extra professional edge and it can also provide free advertising for you and remind the recipient of who you are!


Before pressing the buy now button, remember to check your order details and make sure that your bulk order will cover everything that you need to post!


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