Dubai Travel Guide: Get Set to Explore The Outdoors!

Dubai Travel Guide: Get Set to Explore The Outdoors!

We all know about glitzy, dazzling Dubai; right?

The gigantic skyscraper, luxurious hotels, gourmet dining, magnanimous edifies, glittering streets, sprawling buildings, the Sheikhs, beaches and what’s not; Dubai has it all!

But, apart from lavishing Dubai, the city has so many adventurous things that attract visitors around the world. Having the perfect combination of beach and dessert, it hosts many high-adrenaline activities.

From sky diving to off-road driving to explore the wrecks, Paragliding, there are many thrilling activities in the country offers you. So, if you are jetting off to this cultural and architectural land, don’t forget to keep these places in your bucket list:


Feel the thrill of freefall with skydiving! Apart from the tall buildings and gigantic structures, Dubai is also home to one of the most popular and highest man-made skyline. Want to see how high the skylines are? Head to the Cessna and plunge from the building with the skyrocketing speed to get the most thrilling experience.

Ready for skydiving? Keep in mind these things

  • The age of the diver should be more than 18 years
  • The weight should be less than 100 kg
  • Go through the liability waiver form that lists all risks involved
  • Don’t dive if you have back, neck or shoulder problem
  • The type of jump you want

Mountain Biking:

Mountaineers who have the zeal to cycle, Dubai make one of the best cycling destinations. All you need is just a bike and a place to start riding on big-time trails.

Further, the Dubai roads are far from slippery, which means you can ride with ease. A short ride from the downtown, AL Qudra cycle track (50 miles) is traffic-free with most of the traffic only because of cyclists.

Dubai Travel Guide: Get Set to Explore The Outdoors!

However, expect to feel the desert heat as the trek is Cris-crossing the dunes of the country. If you don’t want to cycle in deserts, head to Jebel Jais, a 22-mile climb on perfectly –surfaced roads and explore other things to do in Dubai.

Skiing Dunes: Ski Dubai!

Are you more of snow and skiing loving person, head to the Mall of Emirates and enjoy the snow! Situated inside the mall, it’s a 400-meter (world’s largest) skiing slope of Dubai. The skiing lessons, snowboarding, penguin experiences will help you have ultimate fun in this winter wonderland. Getting the real snowy experience and enjoying all-winter activities, you would love to enjoy skiing in the scorching heat of Dubai.

Dubai Autodrome:

Are you a fan of Formula One? Enjoy it in Dubai!

Dubai hosts one of the most thrilling Motorsports circuits. Considered as one of the modern circuits it has 5.9 km lane with six configurations. It’s an FIA Grade 1 race circuit offering different experiences for adults, kids, and families.

Want to ride on the track? Hit the road in Audi TT or feel the power of other luxury models. Groups with the competitive mode can rally together and race through the Kartdrome, which is a 1.2-kilometer track.

Off-Road Driving:

Off-road traveling will take you on the most iconic terrains and let you explore the dunes of the desert. Drive to the fossil rocks through a dirty track and witness the red dunes and rock formations.

Dubai Travel Guide: Get Set to Explore The Outdoors!

Fossil rocks also make one of the most popular and loved places for motorcyclists who want to show their driving skills. You will see bikers, buggies, and bikes wandering and showing their skills. Just grab your 4×4 vehicle and get set on the track.


Dubai is also popular for sand boarding! Just climb to the highest dunes with the surfboard and compete with the sand! 

Exciting! Try them; for sure you will be thrilled and will satiate your adventurous spine. Your Dubai trip will never be completed without a desert safari. Try it to make your desert safari dubai tour a memorable one.


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