Prep your indoor furniture for the yard: Repurpose & Reuse

Prep your indoor furniture for the yard: Repurpose & Reuse

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In the words of Bobby Berk, “Design doesn’t have to be daunting.”

It has been months since you are dreaming about giving your home a new look but something keeps stopping you. Time? Stress? Or maybe simply the idea of jettisoning the old furniture, with which you are so dearly attached?

After all, change is the modus operandi of refreshing one’s life and, arguably, there is no better way of doing so than redecorating.

So what do you do? Do not let it daunt you.

Pull out those furniture catalogues you have been saving for so long while we tell you how to revive your old indoor furniture and use it in the outdoors. Win-win.

The Upholstery

Let’s start with the most problematic pieces: The couch, cushions, and chairs.

Any kind of indoor upholstery is doomed if left outside. Mildew, wind, dust, sunlight. But as crazy as it may sound, there are ways to ensure otherwise.

Two of the best ways to handle this situation are:


  • Reupholstering: Getting your furniture reupholstered is one of the best and permanent ways to get your indoor furniture ready for the yard.

    There are a number of sun- and moisture-proof fabrics can be used to remake your couch and keep it protected.

    You can also look for striking colours and patterns to add some vibrancy to it.
  • Couch covers: This is a rather cheaper way to get your way around protecting your furniture. Easily available in the market, you can choose from a wide variety and designs of couch covers which are functional in saving your furniture outside and at the same time look great.

The Dining Table

One thing that is known to all is that all the outdoor wooden furniture is made to be sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather conditions but your dining table might not be prepped for these things.

In this case, the table needs to be treated with at least two layers of sealant in order to create a protective, waterproof coating. It’s your choice whether to use paint or spray because both are equally good options.

The best thing is, this way unbelievably affordable and not much of work.

Pro tip: Before coating the table with sealant, you can also use bright paint to give it a new, cheerful look. OR use hand rubbed oil to give the wood a more natural and rustic finish.

Prep your indoor furniture for the yard: Repurpose & Reuse

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The Dresser

Well, obviously, there is no job for a dresser in the yard outside but it can be used in a rather aesthetic and unique way.

If your dresser is made of wood, then it needs to be treated with wood sealant, to make it water-repellant. Once it is done, your good old dresser can be made into a beautiful, outdoor wine & liquor cabinet.

Pro Tip: Paint your new wine cabinet into beautiful pastel shades to give it a vintage look. And if you join 2 or 3 cabinets of appropriate height, you can even have a more than a decent outdoor mini bar.

Prep your indoor furniture for the yard: Repurpose & Reuse

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The Side Tables

Side tables and even corner tables are amazing candidates to turn into attractive, vintage bar stools.

We have our potential bar counter at the ready, and to complement it, the side tables can be easily repurposed into outdoor stools.

You can paint them with vibrant shades like red and yellow to give your bar a pop of colour which will also add to the overall vintage look.

Pro-tip: You can get the “stools” upholstered for a more comfortable experience.

In the end

Often times we wonder, how great it would have been to host a cocktail party in the backyard but most times, the overlooked state of the place kept stopping you, even in your imagination. But with your new-found furniture heaven, your yard can become the best place for you and your friends to spend lazy (sometimes fun) evenings.


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