Cat Breeds to use as Emotional Support Animals

Cat Breeds to use as Emotional Support Animals

Certain pets are used to improve emotional health. It can be challenging to choose a cat as an Emotional Support Animal or an Emotional Support Service Animal when you’re not sure which breed to go for. This article will help guide you to choose the best cat based on their well-known character and behavior.

American Shorthair

They are also known as “Americas breeds”. The settlers from Europe were the first to bring these breeds into America. They are known for their good disposition, above average intelligence and normal temperament. This makes them a family favorite and a great companion. They are seen to easily get along with other pets in the house and with children as well. This makes it a good animal support pet for a working family with children.

American Bobtail

These breeds were added officially to the fold of support cats in 2002. They are pets known to be active and affectionate. This is what makes them a good support pet. They have short tails, half in length if you compare it to other support pets. They are also very independent and quiet, not vocal as a few other cats are.


Siamese breed of cats are known for their diverse personalities. Unlike other pets, they can be demanding and vocal. One admirable thing about them is their loyalty. They can get very attached to one or two family members.

Sometimes they are called the “dogs of the cat world” for their playful nature. They are very active and can be taught dog tricks and even to play some games like fetch. This is what puts this cat breed among the best breeds for emotional support.


Bengal as a support pet is well documented and accepted. These type of cats are independent, very athletic and highly intelligent. They may not be as cuddling as other emotional support cats but their companionship to humans is on another level. They can be used for walks. They need lots of care and since your intention is not to be a parasite to the service pet getting help from places like and a few others around to keep your pet in good condition won’t hurt.


These are very friendly cats known for their extremely mild mannered behavior, discovered in 1960. They are one of the largest cat breeds. Their mild nature, uncommon friendliness and tendency to limp and relax in their owner’s arms is what earned them the nickname “puppy cats”. They are good human companions, they like to sleep on their owner’s body and walk around the house with them. They are friendly to children and can be trained like dogs.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon are originally from North America and among the largest cat breeds. They have long been on the Americans list of favorite support pets. They’re one of the most favorite emotional support cats in the United States. They are good support pets because of their intelligence, ability to easily bond with their owner. They are active, loving, loyal and long-time companions. Known to be very affectionate with children and other pets and require some care.

No one can make the choice of a support pet for you but going through a list like this will help enlighten you on which breed will best meet your need. All cats are not the same and all our emotional needs vary as well but one of these listed above should fit in nicely.


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