Out sunny Hoop House

What is the difference between hoop houses and green houses

Hoop house is a series of big hoops made up of plastic, metals, or wood. These are covered which heavy plastic called greenhouse plastic. The hoop house is getting heated by the sun and cooled by the wind. The plastic is tightly stretched. It can be used in a variety of agriculture where warmth is required for proper growth.

  • What is the difference between hoop houses and greenhouses?

In hoop houses products which are required to grow are grown in on ground level, whereas in case of the greenhouse may contain raised tables for growing and they also avoid from reflective ground cover. Hoop houses are only get heated by the power of sunlight, but green houses can also rely on heaters to control the temperature. Hoop houses can be used all over the year but greenhouses can mostly use in spring or late winter because green houses are only used where extra heat is required. Hoop houses provide the best benefits than greenhouses.

  • Few things that can be done with a hoop house:
  • First of all, you have to extend your growing season. Don’t need the specific season to cultivate, like carrots, turnips, green salad, radishes, herbs, and beets can easily be grown in mid-February.
  • When the climate is cool, the lower hoop house can provide some extra coverage from the cool weather.
  • Many crops are heat tolerated, they can survive in the heat. These crops need little shade, it can easily control without giving extra protection to the hoop house. For this purpose replace the half cover of hoop house with a cloth.
  • Grow those types of vegetables which required different microclimates.
  • Protect from landscaping because many hoop houses can be transported from one place to another.
  • Things needed to build a hoop house:

Tools required:

  • Tape for measurement
  • Pruners
  • Shovel
  • Thermometer

Material required:

  • Water
  • PVC pipe
  • Vegetables or fruits
  • Pipe clips
  • Bricks
  • First of, select the location for the hoop house, try to find it near the water. Set the desired height, if the plants are too tall then the desired, cut the plants to fit and transplant them. Avoid them from flooding and heavy rains.
  • The length and quality of the pipe depend on the length and width of bedding of hoop house. To determine that 12’ house needs at least 4 PVC pipes. Two pipes for middle support and two pipes for side support.
  • First of all, set the structural framework of Outsunny hoophouse and insert the required number of pipes. Then cover the structure with plastic tightly. If the covering is loose, it may be tear easily with wind. Then close the ends of hoop house like an envelope. Put some heavy material like brick, rock or sandbag o cover it properly.
  • Pro tip:
  • If the required hoop house is not so tall and there is difficulty in walking and for irrigation system, then apply a drip irrigation system. Because water is necessary for growth and survival. One thing must be kept in mind is monitoring of temperature, it is also necessary to uncover the hoop house for some time for ventilation. Too much high temperature can escape the crops and also leads to the death of crops.
  • Advantages of hoop houses:
  • Hoop houses protect the vegetables and fruits from high temperature, heavy rain, snow, hailing or high wind.
  • These houses also give shade and protection to the vegetables and also from animals.
  • Working in hoop houses also facilitates the farmer to work without any difficulty in harsh conditions.
  • It can easily store for later use must be replaced when they are used more than 4 times.
  • It keeps the soil warm for a long time because it holds heat.
  • It can also perform the summer duty and also converted into greenhouses.
  • It improves the quality of the crop and gives the opportunity to new crops to grow under the proper environment.
  • These are easy to handle and can build in a number of sizes.
  • Conclusion:

Out sunny hoop houses are used to give warmth to soil so the fruits and vegetables can grow properly. Hoop houses are made up of plastic or steel with PVC. These houses protect the fruits and vegetables from heavy rain, fast wind, snow or hailing. This 26×10 large walk in garden house also improves the overall yield and temperature can also be controlled easily. These are easy to build.


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