The Natural Benefits Of Skylights

The Natural Benefits Of Skylights

In this technological time, people are increasingly spending more and more of their time indoors. One of the most worrying aspects of this trend is the loss of many benefits from being out in the sun with greater frequency. Dimly lit rooms in your home along with cramped and dark office spaces can put significant strain on your mood and general well-being.

Finding practical ways of increasing the amount of sunlight you are exposed to each day can make a dramatic difference in your day-to-day life. Having access to clear and unfiltered sunlight in your home or office can also improve the aesthetics of any space. Skylights in Melbourne homes, for example, are proving especially popular as they allow more natural light into your home while adding a new, sleek and modern design element to the space. However, there are more benefits to skylights than just having a brighter space to enjoy.

Continue reading to learn more about the many benefits you can expect from installing skylights in your home or office.

Beat The Winter Blues

Looking a little closer at just how skylights can provide a range of benefits, the most notable point to mention is that natural light entering your home or office can go a long way towards staving off those winter blues, and the more severe Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Vitamin D is absolutely necessary for proper immune and hormonal functioning. Many people suffer from at least a minor deficiency of this substance during the winter months, especially in more northern climates. Fortunately, it can be easily gleaned from exposure to natural sunlight. For this reason, skylights can allow you to ensure you are receiving an adequate amount of vitamin D all year long, even when the sun is only out for a short time each day.

As a business owner, ensure that your employees are healthy and happy by installing skylights in your office space. You are sure to notice an improvement in morale and the overall ambience of any space that features natural lighting. Conversely, enjoy lounging at home with your family while soaking up mood-boosting rays from the comfort of your living room.

Save On Your Electricity Bill

While some may be sceptical that their home might be heated by direct sunlight, it is true that some degree of solar heating is possible with skylights. In combination with effective insulation, you can capture some of the completely free heat energy from the sun each day to heat your home comfortably. While you cannot expect that this will be sufficient for maintaining room temperature during winter months, it can make a difference in your overall energy usage.

Beyond that, skylights can also reduce your need for electricity with respect to lighting. Planning where to maximise this benefit can improve the aesthetics of your indoor spaces by bathing your home with the soothing glow of natural light.

Reducing your demand for electricity can also help you to lower your overall carbon footprint. This makes skylights a reasonably green choice for environmentalist homeowners and an important consideration when brainstorming ideas of how to reduce your household emissions.

Enhance Your Privacy

While everyone enjoys gazing out through big picture windows on a sunny day, many also prefer to maintain some privacy from neighbours and passersby at the same time. This trade-off can be easily avoided by installing skylights. Especially in rooms such as the bathroom where privacy is usually important, skylights can provide privacy while allowing you to get a look outside.

Natural Benefits For Any Home Or Office

Installing skylights in your home or office can allow you to enjoy all of the benefits listed here and more. From saving you money on your next electricity bill to improving your mood, the benefits of natural sunlight radiating through your new skylights will be an investment you will not regret, keeping you and your family happy, healthy and comfortable for many years to come.  


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