Benefits of Buying Property in Turkey

Benefits of Buying Property in Turkey

Foreign investment in Turkish property has been popular for decades but it has been on the rise like never before in the past recent years, with masses people allowing foreigners to purchase overseas, potential owners want to know the good reasons to buy a property in Turkey. They are looking for answers to help them to decide if this if they want to invest in this country, as well as if it is an ideal place for them to move out and have a better future.

There are three types of property owners. Perhaps one of the most popular is the holiday homeowners, those who found a destination in turkey and they wanted to spend holidays in Turkey and those who visit it more often without the costs of accommodation. The second is the property purchased by expertise, retirees who choose to live a simple and more effective life in a country that provides stability and good health care. The third category is the investment buyers and business owners who purchase a property or land to renovate, rent out or provide holiday accommodation as a business.

Whatever the reason you are interested in buying a property in Turkey, there are many benefits to choosing Turkey as your second home.

Value for money:

The real estate market of turkey was late to enter the international market. The low prices of properties attracted foreigners from all over the world. Buying a property in EU is very expensive, even after you purchase a property you have to consider other factors like survey fees, lawyer fees, stamp duty costs and more. In Turkey, you really get value for money. Many of property you can buy new buildings with a high quality compared to your money that you will be spending in any other European country.

An Easy Buying Process:

Buying property in Turkey ten years ago was a drawn out process with a long wait for the buying process. However, the Turkish government has streamlined the process and made it easier than ever before. From choosing your home to signing for the title deeds, the process can be completed in as little as a week by purchasing a property valued 250,000 USD and the property must be maintained for three years, and the Turkish passport will be issued after 6 months.

The Cost of Living is Low:

 For buyers, one reason for them to live in Turkey is the low cost of living. Many people especially the retirees getting a good deal because the exchange rate of their currency into Turkish lira is getting them more than the average cost of living. You will find most of the things you pay in Turkey are considerably cheaper than at home. From electronic and gas, maintenance, food, transportation is cheaper than the EU or any other country. So not only your property is less expensive.

Long Term Investment:

For people who are looking for a long term investment, these prices have the potential to offer a profitable return on investment. Experts often recommend that the real estate market is the best long-term investment to make; buyers in turkey have added advantages over other countries in the EU, where property prices have already peaked.

Full Ownership:

Whatever you buy in Turkey, you will have the full ownership of your Turkish property, whether it is a small apartment or detached home or you own land, which will give much more freedom when it comes to renovating or selling your property.

Food, Culture, and Hospitality:

Aside from everything that was mentioned before in this article, people have also quoted that Turkish food, hospitality, and culture as major reasons to buy a property in Turkey. Turkish food is so healthy. All of the produce is locally grown and fresh leaving it much more nutritious than what you would find in your local supermarket at home. Many different nationalities feel welcomed and warmed by Turkish hospitality.

Other Benefits of buying property in Turkey:

  • Turkish economy is one of the fattest economies in the world.
  • Low property Taxes.
  • Perfect Location.
  • Wonderful Climate.
  • Many historical places, beautiful nature and coastal scenery in the Mediterranean region.

  An increasing number of people from various parts of the world are moving to Turkey to start a new life, whether to live and work and even to find peace of mind for their retirements. Turkey with its unique geographic location with a richly diverse history right in the cradle of much different civilization, it has developed dramatically in the last fourteen years, it is a privileged place to live for expatriates and their families. The government of Turkey has eased the process of having the Turkish Citizenship in a short period of time.


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