5 Hacks to Keep Your Home Smelling Great

5 Hacks to Keep Your Home Smelling Great

You may think that it is enough to have a clean home devoid of stale air. You will definitely be okay with that until you visit a home that not only looks clean but also smells fresh and nice. I bet, you will want that for your home as well. What is more relaxing than coming home to a great atmosphere? You can also keep your home smelling great with these tips written by the best home cleaning company.

Use linen spray

Linens sprays are great for keeping your clothes, couch, comforters, and even carpets smelling nice. In fact, any fabric in your home could use some of the linen sprays. Just spray it on any fabric you want at least once a week to leave a nice smell in your home. It will be great if you can clean the room before spraying it.

Scented candles are also effective

One of the easiest ways to keep your home smelling fresh is to light scented candles in your home. Scented candles come in several scents including cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla. It is advisable that you keep the candles in the bathroom or laundry area. You can also choose other areas that work best for you.  Some people also create some scented candles with some everyday food items such as cinnamon, lemons, and oranges.

If you do not want to use candles because they are a potential fire hazard, you can try reed diffusers instead. They are easy to use. All you need to do is put them in a container filled with essential oils. They will absorb the essential oils and diffuse the scent from the oil. You can mix essential oils for maximum effect. Use these at places where it is not advisable to use scented candles such as offices.

Grow some indoor plants

Growing indoor plants will not only neutralize the air in your home. It will also keep your home smelling fresh. You can go in for the fragrant plants such as lavender, mint, and honeysuckle. Apart from the fragrant plants, you can also grow natural air neutralizers such as aloe vera, Chinese evergreen, and English Ivy. Alternatively, you can bring in some garden flowers daily. This option is not as sustainable as growing the flowers in your home. Unless you have the time to put flowers in your home daily.

Use baking

If you want your home to smell great, you need to remove odor from your home. Sprinkle baking soda at places that are known to smell. You can sprinkle some underneath the trash can, toilet areas, stinking shoes, or keep some in your fridge to get rid of bad smell.

Use air fresheners

Using an air freshener is the most common way of keeping your home fresh. There are ready-made air fresheners in shops. They come in several fragrant and they are easy to use. If you intend to use air fresheners, look for the ones that do not contain phthalates since phthalates are not good for your health if you inhale it regularly.


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