Prevent Hair Loss by non-conventional means

Prevent Hair Loss by non-conventional means

Hair is a very important factor in a woman’s self-esteem. Just like physical health is important, hair health is important, too! When your hair is healthy, you feel good. Human hair wigs offer one way to prevent hair damage and hair loss. When you wear a wig, your natural hair is protected from environmental conditions and outside factors that can break and distress your natural hair. These days, wigs are available to give you not only hair protection but new styles and colors for fashion wear. One very fashionable trend right now is lace front wigs, which blends the hairline naturally and seamlessly.

Lace Front Wigs

Wigs will add a stylish look that’s fast and easy to get and you never have a bad hair day. Lace Front Wigs are one option that is very hot on the market right now. The lace front is a feature that helps the natural hairline blend amazingly to the hairline of the wig. If you get a high-quality lace front wig, you won’t be able to tell the difference!

Online Research

It’s important for women to feel like they look the best in the crowd, and hair plays a major role in this. They spend quite a lot of time styling their hair and also use a lot of devices such as hair dryers, straighteners, and curling irons to get their best look. It’s helpful to browse online to learn about the products and styles that are trending. YouTube has many tutorial videos available to help learn techniques on how to do different styles, colors or trends.


Sew-ins are any kind of style when the woman’s hair is braided into horizontal rows.  The wefts of hair are then stitched to the braid, working from the bottom of the head up.  Sometimes these braids can be very tight and cause headaches or even traction alopecia. So be careful if you like to get sew-ins.

With hair extensions, the process is carried out with the help of an adhesive method which in turn helps in lengthening your hair. This process usually takes a longer to complete and can be very harmful to your hair. It is also a more expensive method than sew-ins because of the manual labor involved. Women sometimes go with this option if they are trying to grow natural hair out after a bad haircut.

This process can be carried out at your own house too. There’s no need to visit any parlor and splurge if you have a friend or family member who can help apply sew-ins! Since there are no chemicals or glues involved, there’s not a lot of risks involved.

How Are Hair Extensions Put In?

There are different ways that hair extensions can be put into the hair.

1. Using a micro-ring bead: This is a simple process performed by the method of the strand and utilization of some permanent hair extensions. Firstly, hair is curled through the ring, and then a type of tool is utilized so as to squeeze the ring present near your hair for bonding it. For removal, invert the procedure by pressing the ring in the opposite direction. The time between sessions depends on the rate of speed your hair grows, but it usually takes around 6 weeks. Another benefit of using this procedure is that you can reuse the hair as they are simply being moved up to root each time maintenance is required.

3. A very famous procedure is the usage of tape in extensions. It is comparatively easier and faster for the application. Easy to maintain, apply and remove, this is a great choice for many. They don’t have a clear bond and hence, can’t be seen through your hair. Tape-ins are also much less damaging to natural hair than micro-beads or glues. We always want natural hair to stay healthy!

4. Clip-in extensions are a great option for women who like to apply and remove extensions at will. These extensions come in sets so you can choose how many you want to apply and where you want to apply them. They also come in various styles and colors, and even fibers. Clip-ins come in synthetic fiber, human hair or heat-friendly synthetic fiber that allows you to use styling tools on low heat settings.

Hair Salons

Salons hire staff who have the experience and expertise and give their best to serve you. If you find the right salon, the stylist will be able to recognize how to give you the very best style for your face shape and skin tone, and even personality. Also choose a stylist that makes you feel good and gives great customer service, because you want to enjoy the time you spend in their chair.

It’s always recommended to go to a professional stylist for applying for extensions unless they are clip ins. It’s also a great idea to research and find a wig stylist near you so that you can take your wig to them and have it styled to suit your face. They will have you looking gorgeous, in no time!


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