Proven ways to promote your home based business

Proven ways to promote your home based business


Home based business is a challenge to run successfully. It is much more than just thinking, talking and dreaming about its success.  It is much more than telling your friends and family about it and reading the popular entrepreneur books. If you have built a foundation for the home based business it is essential to promote it too. It is time to bring your business alive to flourish.

Starting a home-based business is a great challenge in its own. After you have set up the business with sheer hard work, the next big challenge ahead stands to knock at the door. It is to market your business. Without marketing and promoting your business, there is no success and no happiness. Your home based business will only come to life when you apply effective techniques and strategies to promote it. Your actions will determine whether the home-based venture brings bears you sweet fruits or sour ones.

The home-based business expects Paul and Edward, suggests that the primary ingredient for success in growing your home-based business is “Completion gene”. The completion gene is the primary component which separates the successful business from the unsuccessful ones. There are two major components which a successful business needs to follow according to this concept to be a successful entrepreneur.

1.    Short term actions-

This involves day to day activities you need to achieve your success for a home-based business. Whether it is researching for new promotional ideas on the internet or calling prospective clients, you need to take these short term yet essential steps to achieve success.

2.    Long term persistence to achieve success-

The idea that your home based business would be a success overnight is very much out of the question and impractical. Did you know that the famous Johnny Goldberg and his spinning exercise idea took five years to gain immense popularity?  With sheer hard work and day to day struggle, Johnny’s spinning idea is such a rage today.

No one is born with the Completion Gene, nor is anyone born a successful entrepreneur. The completion gene is in fact in each of us; we need to discover it, exercise it and it will get stronger. 

Now that you have the completion gene in you, and want to promote your home based business and not let your investment and hard work drown then try these four ways which will help you achieve your goals:

Step 1: Build a blog

Your blog is your little cyber spot to share your thoughts, the ideas and the pictures which can promote your home-based business and help you gain popularity. The blog becomes an integral part of your business and allows potential customers as well as current customers to be up to date with your new products or services. Getting started with a blog is simple:

a.    Get a blog host to get started: There are various blog hosts available such as Blue host, WordPress, Blogger, etc. These platforms are easy to use and quite affordable as well. 

b.    Read and research before you implement a blog: A blog without SEO optimization does not affect your brand awareness strategies. Read up great excerpts from reliable sources on how to blog for business for effective promotion before you get going.

c.    Decide the content type you would be offering on your blog- Whether you choose to write just about your home-based business or combine some personal posts to the business content, it is up to you. You ought to consistency is the key to success. If your blogs are interesting and consistent in quality and matter, readers will surely visit your blogs often.

Step 2: Become a Social Butterfly

As technologies are advancing, you can find social media everywhere, and there is a reason behind it. There are different social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn which are acting as powerhouses for connecting the potential customers. These sites help in spreading your messages over the web. The best thing about social media is that it’s free. The best part about social media is that it helps in promoting your goods and services be it a huge corporation or pop shops.

a.    Sign up for a twitter action: You can start connecting by signing up for a Twitter account. This social media site helps you in getting connected to your target market, and they can also contact you. The key is to be consistent with your brand, quality, and message.

b.    Create your own Facebook page: This is another way to get connected to the potential customers easily. You need to create a Facebook business page and this shows you, the potential customers. It helps you to connect and interact with them.

c.    Join LinkedIn. This is the perfect platform which helps you to grow your business. You need to open a LinkedIn account, and then you can easily get connected to wholesalers, media professionals, and retailers in a single place. Thi,s site makes things simple and finds you service providers like web designers, graphic designers, and copywriters.

Step 3. Get your Advertisement

One of the best ways to promote your home business is to have your advertisement, and you can reach to your customers effortlessly. This can be done in real life or virtually.

You need to find out the magazines that your customers read. You also have to find the websites and blog, they frequently visit. Lastly, you need to get a list of the local and national events they generally visit.

Once the above tasks are done, you can follow your customers. To get a hold in the advertisement sector, buy your advertisement through online websites, print media or by organizing sponsorship events like conference or trade shows where your customers visit. You don’t need to worry if the budget is low. There are great deals available, and you can purchase the remnant space. There are some sites which offer such shared space for advertisement. One such place is Simple Mom.

Step 4. Become Famous

Publicity is not just for celebrities and rockstars; it’s for everyone. You can comfortably get free publicity with just a little hard work and some persistence. There is a need for products, stories, people and companies by the media professionals. The stories are then featured in blogs, on television, newspapers, and magazines. 

So how to get this limelight? You need to make a list of newspapers, blogs, media outlets and magazines which is good for your business. Magazines will feature your products. The blogs will speak about your offers. All you need is to find out ways to become famous. You need to find out whom to contact and this can be done by buying a media list. It generally has information of producers and editors. You can also scan mastheads of newspapers or magazines and can search for production credits after the TV show ends.

a.    To entice media, you need to create a brief pitch

You need to email the media personnel and also keep a follow-up. There are many cases where people lost an opportunity because they didn’t follow up.

b.    Make a press kit

This kit is a mega-marketing tool which is easily available on your website. This makes things easy for media professionals to feature you. This press kit includes a small biography, a professional headshot or product photo and a proper press release, which gives more information about you and your product.

To conclude

There is no end to promotion when you have a home business. It is an exciting and fun way to shield your success. The best part is when a customer comes knocking your door, and you will be glad to serve them.


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