Tips To Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Hot Tub This Summer

Tips To Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Hot Tub This Summer

When you bring a hot tub into your life, you create more relaxing space to hang out. That space also becomes an integral part of your home. That is why it is important to invest some time and energy in picking the right elements that will make your outdoor spectacular, and bring the whole picture together. So, where do you start?

Choosing The Right Spot

Placing your hot tub in the right location can boost your enjoyment for many years. Several factors can make a huge difference, including access to changing rooms, view from the tub, nearby carpet, landscaping, and privacy. When choosing the right spot, here are a few factors to consider.

Close To The Back Door

An ideal spot for a hot tub is close to the back door so that you’re a few steps away from a warm soak. On some nights, you’ll appreciate having it close to the backdoor, particularly if you can’t brave the cold and rain. It is also convenient to have your hot tub close to a bathroom for easy changing and drying. You may also want a spigot nearby and a hose bib for filling.

Tub Usage

If you intend to use your tub for adult relaxation, then pick a more secluded location in the backyard. And if it is just for a family gathering, install it close to the gathering location.

Tub Scene

Consider the view from the tub and the aesthetic value it brings to your yard. It is equally important to ensure that you’re not under tree limbs. To elevate the relaxing ambiance, add some hanging baskets, waterfalls, fountains, shrubs, potted plants, trees and flowers around your tub. You can also consider adding some music and outdoor lighting.


Install your tub on a firm foundation to make sure that it serves you for many years. If you’re constructing a new patio or deck, pick the location first so that you can integrate the design. The tub can then be installed with no hole in the deck (freestanding), partly exposed, or flush with the deck surface.

Picking the right spot ensures you fulfill your hot tub dreams. Once you have the right location, landscaping it becomes your next concern.

Landscaping The Hot Tub Spot

Most hot tub owners develop inspirations for integrating their spas into their homes. An American hot tubs dealer can visit your home and provide backyard consultation to help you make informed decisions about installation.  This offers you the opportunity to discuss your hot tub placement plans.

You may want to incorporate landscaping elements to improve your backyard garden’s appearance and its privacy. Here are some ideas to consider:

Surround Your Tub With Vibrant Plants

Surrounding your tub with vibrant plants makes it fit seamlessly into your home. By using mature plants, bushes, and trees to shield your spa, your landscape becomes a natural privacy feature. You also create an extension of your home’s private places.

Creative landscaping can also provide enough privacy even when your home is near your neighbor’s. For instance, installing planter boxes on the fence gives you the opportunity to plant bushy groundcovers that can extend the height of your fence. 

Trees with low hanging foliage can also offer a layer of privacy. But keep in mind that overhead branches can cause debris, such as leaves to fall on your spa cover.

Blend Your Tub Into the Environment

Your spa and landscape ideas can blend into the natural environment to improve your home’s aesthetics. This way, you can make the areas beyond your property interesting points of interest. So, decide whether you want your spa to feel lush and cozy with plant around it, or open and spacious with small plants.

If the seamless design is a must in your home, then you can even customize your hot tub. Your local dealer can assist to understand your options, pick the right color, materials, and texture. This allows you to choose the right tub to personalize and match your landscape.

Enhance Your Hot Tub’s Ambience

Your landscape features go beyond flowers and plants to incorporate other materials, like stones. Sometimes, a simple landscape design can be the best because it creates a more peaceful and spacious atmosphere.

For example, lighting can be a great feature in your backyard, as it creates a more welcoming hot tub experience, particularly after the sun goes down. Herbaceous plants and fragrant flowers like rosemary and lavender can also introduce a sensory dimension in your spa.

Having a hot tub in your home is one of the best ways to make your home cozy and improve your health. But getting the right spot and perfect landscaping design is the tell-tale secret.


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