Matcha Green Tea May Be More Potent Than Regular Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea May Be More Potent Than Regular Green Tea

Matcha green tea and regular green tea are two of the most popular beverages that are available in the world. However, it has been identified that a lot of people find it confusing to figure out the differences that exist between these two varieties. As a result, they also fail to figure out what the best tea variant out of them is.

According to healthcare professionals, Pique green tea matcha is a better option when compared to regular green tea. We will analyze and understand why healthcare professionals say like that.

What exactly is Matcha green tea?

To begin with, let’s understand what Matcha green tea is all about. Both Matcha and regular green tea are made from the same plant, which is named as Camellia Sanseis. This is a native plant in China. However, the process that is followed to grow Matcha green tea is different from the process that is followed to grow regular green tea. In fact, the bushes are protected from sunlight for a period of about 20 to 30 days. This has got the ability to enhance the chlorophyll levels found in the plant. This can deliver a darker shade of greenness to the plants.

Even after harvesting process, Matcha green tea is treated in a different way. In here, the veins and stems are removed. Then they are stone grounded to produce a bright greenish powder. During this process, the complete leaf powder will be ingested.

Why is Matcha green tea better than regular green tea?

Now you know the difference in the steps followed to prepare Matcha green tea. With that in mind, let’s understand why most of the people tend to call Matcha green tea as a better beverage than regular green tea.

  • Matcha green tea comes with a lot of antioxidants

It is true that you will be able to find antioxidants in regular green tea. However, you can find even a higher concentration of antioxidants in Matcha green tea. As a result, you will be able to experience better results. These antioxidants can create a major impact on the free radicals in your body. Therefore, you can provide enhanced protection to the tissues and cells of the body from damage.

Catechins is one of the most prominent antioxidants that you can find in Matcha green tea. Out of them, the most powerful antioxidant is named as EGCG. EGCG has got the ability to fight against inflammation of your body in an efficient manner. This can also help your body to maintain healthy arteries. In addition to that, it promotes effective repair of cells.

  • Matcha green tea can help you with weight loss

Green tea has become a popular beverage around the world because of its ability to help people lose weight. In fact, green tea is being used as an ingredient in most of the weight loss supplements available for purchase in the market as well. However, Matcha green tea can deliver better results in losing weight when compared to ordinary green tea.

When you consume Matcha green tea, you will be able to enhance the total number of calories burnt by your body. This is done by boosting your rate of metabolism. On the other hand, it can also increase the selective fat burning capabilities of your body by up to 20%. Regular green tea is not in a position to offer that to you. Therefore, it is worthy for you to think about consuming Matcha green tea. With that, you can easily kick off your weight loss goals.

  • Matcha green tea can assist you to relax

You will also be able to get excellent assistance to relax with Matcha green tea. This is something that you will not be able to experience with regular green tea. The results are delivered due to the presence of an ingredient named L-Theanine. Even though this ingredient is present in green tea as well, you can discover a higher concentration of it in Matcha green tea. With the consumption of L-Theanine, alpha waves will be increased within the brain. Hence, you will be able to experience mental relaxation. In addition to that, you can enhance the ability of your brain to fight against the stress causing signals as well. You need to understand that L-theanine is in a position to increase your alertness as well. Hence, you can easily boost your overall productivity levels.

Are there any side effects?

The enhanced benefits that come along with Matcha green tea are associated with few mild effects as well. Even though there’s nothing to worry, it is better if you can have an understanding of those side effects as well. With Matcha green tea, there is a high possibility for the contaminants to get into your body. That’s because you will be ingesting the entire tea leaf. Some of the tea leaves can contain contaminants. They include fluoride, pesticides, and metals. These contaminants come from the soil, where the plant grows. To make sure that you don’t get these contaminants, you need to get the Matcha green tea you want from a reliable supplier. In other words, you need to think about using organic Matcha green tea, so that you can easily reduce your exposure to the contaminants.


Now you know how Matcha green tea can provide a lot of extra benefits to you when compared to regular green tea. The next time you purchase regular green tea, you need to think about this alternative as well. You might have to spend a few extra bucks out of your pocket to purchase Matcha green tea. However, the extra payment you make is totally worth when compared to the positive results that you will be able to get in the long run.


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