The Best of Everything While Staying in Bangkok

The Best of Everything While Staying in Bangkok

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Bangkok in old Siam, Thailand, offers different tastes for people of every budget. But when you won’t settle for anything other than the best, then it pays to be a discerning guest. Considering quality recommendations ahead of time and noting down which restaurants have been given a coveted Michelin Star is a good start.

Here are some recommendations when you won’t settle for anything less than the best while in Bangkok.

Eating in Style

The R-Haan is one of the few Michelin Star restaurants Bangkok and elsewhere in the country. The décor is beyond luxurious offering decadent comfort.

Their ever-changing menu includes plenty of local dishes and produces sourced from the Gulf of Thailand, the Island of Phuket and sturgeon from Hua Hin on the coastline. Other produce, like the black Angus Streak ribs, come together beautifully to complete their own interpretative Massaman curry which received the Best Curry award from CNN.

Book early to avoid disappointment.

Getting the Spa Treatment

The Peninsula Hotel has a beautifully appointed luxury spa with views out over the Bangkok skyline. The traditional Thai décor and exemplary service put you at ease immediately.

There’s a choice of several different wellness treatments. These include a Thai healing herbal compress, a Coco Siam treatment that relaxes the muscles and skin, or you could give the Chinese treatment provided by James Zhang’s team a try.

Beyond the spa, there are also tennis courts, a fitness center and an outdoor pool available.

Luxury Shopping

If you’re planning to shop to your heart’s content, then you’ll need to know where to go.

We’d recommend Siam Paragon as a great starting point. While MBK across the road is popular with the masses, Siam Paragon is for the more refined. There’s barely a luxury designer brand that isn’t featured here. Whether you’re looking for some new Chanel garments or a Gucci handbag, it’s possible to find the latest designer fashions and accessories at the Paragon.

There are also some more mainstream brands intermingled with the designer ones, so you can mix and match if you cannot complete your new ensemble with the high-end brands alone.

Movie Theater with a Twist

While in Siam Paragon, head to the fifth floor. There you’ll find one of the best in cinematic experiences. Not only do they offer delightful nibbles before the movie screening, but there is also luxury seating for two people in your own mini booth or shared leather couches at the rear of the theater. Gone are the uncomfortable rows of seating and having to stand up to let people through who arrived late. Now there’s plenty of space for everyone and great lounges in the foyer while you wait. What luxury!

Just remember, you will be expected to stand for the national anthem which plays before every movie screening. Other attendees will be offended if you break with tradition.

When carefully picking and choosing where you stay and what you do while in Bangkok, it’s possible to get the best of everything. Take your time to find great experiences because they’re available when you seek them out.


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