3 Tips to Prepare for Your Summer Wedding

3 Tips to Prepare for Your Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are always a real treat. The newly married happy couple and all of their guests enjoy gorgeous blue skies, picture-perfect scenery, incredible white roses, and their outfits are the height of fashion as they clink their champagne glasses in a walk-through garden with their friends and family.

Unfortunately, while this is true for many of us, this is not how a summer wedding feels for everyone. Some guests can handle hot weather and humidity. Others tend to become dehydrated and overheated and they end up having an awful time.

You have done all of the hard work at this point. You’ve taken a look at a million different bridal gowns, made an appointment with the best cosmetic surgeon in Las Vegas has to offer and effectively planned an amazing wedding. But you are far from finished.

In case you overlooked some crucial aspects of a summer wedding, we would like to share three tips to help you properly prepare for an amazing day for you and your guests. So please take this information to heart and use it to plan a wedding so it lasts.

Tip #1: Make Sure Your Guests Stay Cool

Having an outdoor wedding is definitely the way to go in the summertime. But, it’s important to make sure you have the reception itself held indoors. In fact, it might be better to have the party in a location that has an indoor and outdoor reception area for all to enjoy.

By choosing your reception hall this way, you’ll give certain guests the option to spend time indoors in the air-conditioning if it’s just too hot and humid. And at the same time, you’ll give other guests the ability to spend time outdoors and enjoy the beautiful sunshine and warm weather if they prefer the outdoors instead of the indoors.

When you approach your wedding this way, you give your guests the best of both worlds. Plus you’ll be happy knowing that you can walk in and out to mix and mingle with those in attendance at your wedding reception.

Tip #2: Have Backups on Hand Just in Case

3 Tips to Prepare for Your Summer Wedding

What do we mean by backups? We mean that if you’re on the East Coast and having a wedding in the summer in places like Orlando, Baltimore, or even Washington DC, the humidity can get seriously uncomfortable. And it can have a deleterious effect on certain portions of an outdoor wedding.

As an example, the strong humidity and heat can ruin your wedding flowers and bouquets. It can also ruin boutonnieres as well. So you may want to have backups on hand and Google a  search term such as wedding venues near me just in case your flowers do not last very long. By having backups in place, you can swap out the earlier wilted flowers and bring in brand-new ones so they look fresh, appealing, and perfect for the pictures that are going to be taken throughout the day.

Tip #3: Be Ready to Fight the Battle of the Bugs

Bugs have a tendency to invade outdoor weddings all the time. They see all the guests and smell all the great tasting food and they are attracted to these exciting events.

That’s why you have to be ready to combat these bugs with all your might. Set up citronella candles and tiki torches all around your wedding reception. With these preventative measures in place – along with bottles of bug spray – you’ll be able to fight back against these unwanted pests so that they do not ruin your entire wedding reception.

Final Thoughts

Hosting an outdoor wedding is always a great idea for some of your guests. But it isn’t always the best choice for all of your guests. So you need to use the tips shared today to host the perfect wedding for everyone including you and your new spouse, your family, friends, and other wedding guests.


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