5 Home Improvement Trends In Different Cities In USA

5 Home Improvement Trends In Different Cities In USA


In this modern age, home improvement is no longer about just making an impression. There’s the need to make an impact, of course, but the main goal now is to make our homes work for us in smart and better ways. We want a flexible space that will allow us some order in a chaotic lifestyle.

Wondering how to accomplish this?

Let’s have a look at some home improvement trends from different U.S cities that will inspire you in revamping the look of your house:

Convertible Spaces Are Fulfilling Multiple Purposes

Instead of setting up extravagant rooms that are only used occasionally, many homeowners are now looking towards changing up their spaces in order to keep up with their whims. Foldaway walls, for instance, can make a home office transformed into an open space when you’re having a party. Accordion styles or glass panels come in handy for this purpose. They’ll cost less than real walls and have more versatility to boot.

Most of the small apartments in New York City also have Murphy beds, which can be pulled down whenever required. This way, you get a guest room when needed and can put a whole bed out of the way for more space.

More Storage Is Every Homeowner’s Need

5 Home Improvement Trends In Different Cities In USA


Along with the kitchen, having adequate storage is the main goal of most homeowners in the United States. We’re now focused on decluttering and minimalism. All of this requires storing away stuff out of sight while throwing away or donating what you don’t need. Baskets can do for the smaller items, but it makes sense to go for large permanent storage for your luggage pieces, formal dresses, and mechanical equipment.

The solution here is to have storage in places such as under the stairs, over the doors, hanging from the ceiling, or beneath the floors. But before constructing such storage areas, you should make sure there are no pests around with the best termite extermination San Mateo county has to offer.

Maintenance-Free Siding Just Got Cost-Effective

Fiber-cement siding instead of the usual vinyl, wood, or aluminum is trending. Though this means a higher investment in the beginning, you wouldn’t have to spend much on maintenance in the long term. This makes the overall cost even out, with much less hassle and frustration on your part. At most, you’ll have to repaint it in about seven years at the earliest. Since you’ll be able to save some money this way, you can easily invest in other home maintenance equipment such as the lawn sprinklers so you can make sure your lawn’s beauty doesn’t fade away.

Having A Laundry Room Is Still Considered Highly Convenient

Doing laundry is one of the cold, hard facts of adult life. Most of us may agree that our home living significantly improves when we have a laundry room for accomplishing this everyday task. Many homeowners in the United States are giving up a walk-in closet or sectioning off part of the basement for a room dedicated to laundry.

This room will have the washer, dryer, a place to hang any hand-washed clothes, and all the detergent plus fabric softener you need. Ideally, there should also be a table for folding the laundry and placing the baskets. The room also needs hookups for plumbing and electricity, so you may have to make an investment here.

Larger Kitchens Are Now A Practical Option

Houses might be getting smaller, but kitchens can be quite large even in small apartments. This doesn’t mean that we need those six-burner stoves or huge and expensive appliances, but we do need enough space to cook comfortably. Kitchen islands can be enough to do for breakfast and family meals, so this area needs some work in order to be warm and inviting.

You can work on the counter space to make it look larger along with focusing on double-prep islands, pull-out drawers, and hidden storage in awkward nooks. A large pantry wouldn’t hurt either, especially if you have a family that loves to cook together on a regular basis.


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