7 Handy Ways to Use Your Garden Leaf Blower

7 Handy Ways to Use Your Garden Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers are not as one dimensional as they may seem. People think that all they are good for is removing leaves and other debris from garden beds. Before you can purchase a leaf blower you need to know what you are planning on using it for.

There are a wide variety of leaf blowers from corded, cordless, battery-powered or gas powered. Sit down and find out which one will work best for your needs so that you can so that you can buy the most suitable one for you. To learn more about the best leaf blowers visit thebestleafblowers.com. Keep reading to find out what else can you use your leaf blower for?

1.       Clean your lawn mower

When people think of a leaf blower their thoughts naturally venture towards the garden or yard and blowing leaves around. Did you know that after rounding up the cut grass from mowing the lawn you can use the same leaf blower to clean the build-up in your lawnmower? You don’t need to get in there with your hands. Suddenly the leaf blower is not so one dimensional after all.

You can also use the leaf blower in the same way for cleaning a grass strimmer. Switch off and unplug the strimmer before blowing the grass out of the bottom. Then you can hose the strimmer down and use the leaf blower again to blow it dry.

2.       Moving snow

Another yard job that a leaf blower can help you out with is moving snow. You can take the strain off your back by using a leaf blower to move light powdery snow.

Leaf blowers might not be as heavy duty as an actual snow blower but it can keep your driveways and pathways clear of snow. It can also be used to clear snow off your car. It will save you from spending long periods out in the cold because it gets the job done in no time.

3.       Gutter cleaning

A powerful leaf blower can make light work of clearing out leaves that are clogging up your gutters. If you use a cordless leaf blower it saves you from struggling with a cord constantly getting caught up while you are up on that ladder. A lightweight leaf blower will make it easy to carry. Clean your gutters every 3 months to prevent build up.

4.       Drying your car

Drying your car with a dry rag after a wash requires lots of elbow grease. On the other hand, leaving your car wet could leave you with a spotty finish. Did you know that you can use your leaf blower for this as well? For this, you can use a corded or cordless leaf blower. Your car will dry super-fast so it saves you time and you won’t have to worry about the wetness attracting dirt again.

5.       Cleaning car interiors

If you don’t have a vacuum your leaf blower can come in handy for cleaning up the inside of your car. To get most of the dust out of your car open up the car doors and windows then blast air into the car. The leaf blower can also be useful for removing dirt and debris from hard to reach places.

6.       Clearing your dryer vent

You don’t need specialized tools to clear up your dryer vent. Simply disconnect the vent from the dryer into the vent. Clogged dryer vents are hazardous and may lead to fires.

7.       Threading wires

A nifty trick for running wires through a long stretch of tube is attaching a piece of cork or foam to the end of the wire and placing it at one end of the tube. Then focus the air into the tube and channel the wire through to the other end in that way.

This list shows that the leaf blower is a multi-purpose garden tool that can be used all year round. No, your leaf blower does not have to go into storage when the autumn months pass. It can be an everyday household tool that can make light work out of otherwise very heavy tasks and it keeps you from getting your hands dirty.


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