How to Pack the Perfect Weekender Bag

How to Pack the Perfect Weekender Bag

It’s the weekend! The time has come to get away from your day-to-day life and escape for some R&R. However, before you make your getaway, you’ll want to pack intelligently. Bring too little and you’ll end up having to buy an entirely new outfit at your destination. Bring too much and you’ll be overwhelmed with luggage. The key is to find that perfect Goldilocks amount so you have exactly what you need and not a single article of clothing more.

Below, we’ve gathered some tips for how to pack the perfect weekender bag:

     1. A bag to fit everything

The first step to packing efficiently is choosing the right weekend bag to hold everything. This isn’t the time to rely on a bag that’s falling apart at the seams, choose something with quality in mind. A Herschel dry bag guide provides ample space for a weekend trip and even features a compartment for shoes.

We recommend separating your outfits with smaller bags inside the larger bag for organization. Use Ziploc bags to separate your outfits by day if you really want to get organized. Include a mesh laundry bag for dirty clothes so you can toss them into a washing machine when you arrive back home from your destination.

     2. Shoes that work with any outfit

The key to picking the right shoes is thinking about versatility. A pair of women’s slip-on sneakers, for example, is the perfect compromise between comfort and style. These kicks can work for your brunch outing and take you all the way into the night.

Just make sure you think about adding some fancier accessories to turn your day outfit into a dazzling night look:

  • Minimalist gold jewelry
  • A sparkly headband
  • A statement belt
  • A patterned shawl
  • Bright red lipstick

How to Pack the Perfect Weekender Bag

     3. Makeup wipes

When you’re done with a full day of having fun and enjoying yourself, taking off your face of makeup can be a real drag. So, invest in a pack of face wipes before you go. You’ll be glad you did!

You can also buy a bottle of micellar water if you need a different solution to removing your makeup. It’s a convenient, waterless way to remove every spec of mascara, foundation, and eyeshadow from your face.

     4. Day-to-night dresses

In case you haven’t gleaned the theme yet, flexibility is key to your weekend trip wardrobe. So, you’ll want to pack a dress that works during your day-time adventures but can also work as a fancier, night-out dress as well. Day-to-night dresses are a no-fuss option that delivers functionality and helps you maximize your luggage space.

If you’re not into dresses, pack separates that you can easily mix and match.

     5. A good book, sketchbook, and…naps

A weekend away means you get to sit back, meditate, and relax. If you normally don’t have time to slow down and read a book, try picking up some fresh literature for your trip. Alternatively, you can bring along an old favorite you wouldn’t mind revisiting.

Take a break from your constant Buzzfeed quizzes and spend some time away from a screen. If you don’t like reading, bring a sketchbook or journal along instead.

You can also use this time to catch up on your sleep. A midday nap isn’t usually an option so live it up and get those Z’s on your vacation if you feel like it!

     6. Portable charger

It’s always good to be prepared. And while we advocate for some time spent away from technology, there’s a difference between a conscious choice away from your phone and your phone dying when you need to call an Uber.

To avoid a dead device that you’re going to need later, bring along a portable charger. Pro tip: make sure that your portable charger is charged before you go. Otherwise, you’ll end up with two useless, dead devices.

In Summary

Packing for a weekend trip should be a minimalist experience. Pack less than you think you need—you can always get essentials at your destination if you forget something like a toothbrush. When it comes to outfit-planning, choose clothes you can layer that offer day-to-night flexibility. With these tips in mind, your next mini vacation will be a smooth experience from start to finish.


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