Looking At 4 of The Best Essential Oils

Looking At 4 of The Best Essential Oils

Essential oils are amazing for a wide variety of reasons. They have been shown to have a wide array of benefits from helping to de-stress to improving health, to help treat a wide variety of ailments. It really is remarkable just how many issues can be treated through the smart application of essential oils. However, not all are created equal. If you’re not sure where to start, read on for a list of five of the best out there.

#1 Lavender: The Most Versatile Essential Oil

There was no question lavender was going to make this list and for good reason. Whether you’re looking for essential oils to de-stress, treat headaches, aromatherapy, or anything really, lavender will always be one of the top options on the list. Very pleasant in smell without being overpowering, showing an incredible array of benefits, lavender is a high-quality essential oil that seems to be on every single “Top X essential oils for Y.” There’s a reason for that, and lavender is the versatile go-to that you should have ready in your collection every time.

#2 Peppermint: Energy & Thought Clarity

Peppermint is crisp, fresh, and has been shown to be not only an intriguing mix partner for many essential oil blends but even on its own peppermint essential oil has a solid reputation for two main functions. Peppermint oil is widely hailed for its ability to help clear a foggy mind and bring clear sharp thinking back after use. This makes sense because of the pleasant but strong scent. Peppermint is also commonly listed as one of the best essential oils to improve and clear up breathing.

#3 Citrus: Energy & Immunity

Whether this refers to Lemon essential oil or Orange essential oil, or a blend of several, this is a fantastic option that is great for providing high levels of energy in addition to boosting the immune system. This is a strong combination that shouldn’t be overlooked, and that scent just reminds many people of cleanliness. It’s not the smell of lemon pledge, but for many, it’s a much better and encouraging option. You get a boost of natural energy without having to turn to caffeine and a little boost to your health on top of it.

#4 Cinnamon: Health Supplement

Cinnamon essential oil not only has a pleasant scent that many people love, but it may also have some hidden health benefits, as well. Many scented candles smell great but have chemicals that are quite harmful. Cinnamon essential oil in a vaporizer gives you that pleasant relaxing smell without the chemicals. In addition to that, cinnamon has many known health benefits with more seemingly discovered every day. While the evidence so far is mostly just from second-hand experiences, many people report seeing benefits for sore throats, better skin, and good blood sugar numbers using cinnamon essential oil as a supplement to other treatments.

Honourable Mentions: Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lemon, & Frankincense

In Conclusion

The best essential oil is going to depend specifically on your situation and what you’re looking for. These five will cover almost any situation you could come across and whether a beginner or long-time user, stocking up on these five will make sure you’ll be in good hands.


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