The Best Fabric Patterns For Dresses

The Best Fabric Patterns For Dresses

Sometimes the pattern of the fabric determines the appeal of the dress. Patterns range from bold, fine, colorful to very busy. There are fabric patterns ideal for home design while there are others ideal for dresses. The material pattern in some instances will determine whether a dress looks lovely or not regardless of material type. There are some fabric patterns which are clearly not for dresses and when one wears them, they end up looking like a walking drapery.

For inspiration, here are the best fabric patterns out there for dresses developed by online fabric store FabricsYard.

  1.      Polka Dot

This is a lovely fabric pattern that makes the dress material lovely and very feminine. It is a pattern that is made up of a plethora of filled circles often times evenly sized. There are patterns with large polka dots and others will small polka dots. Others are differently colored while others are all the same colored. One thing is clear about this pattern; it is a busy one and makes dresses look lovely which is why it is one of the best fabric patterns for dresses.

  1.      Floral

This is one of the most common patterns for dresses. A floral print in a dress is quite the attraction. For casual and feminine dresses, floral patterns are preferred. Such fabric patterns range from little flowers to large and bold ones. When it comes to color, there are ones with a single color while there are others that are multi-colored. So depending on the effect you want to achieve or the style you want to depict, choose your floral patterned fabric accordingly.

  1.      Ogee

This is a lovely pattern that is simply an onion-shaped motif. An arch is formed by two S-shaped curves that meet at a point and they are partly concave and partly convex to achieve the lovely pattern design. It is a lovely design for a dress fabric and you can choose bright and bold colors or calm and toned downed ones of course depending on the kind of dress you want to be designed.

  1.      Fleur De Lis

This is one pattern that is as old as time and has been seen in artwork from ancient human civilizations. It is a stylized lily or iris that was back then used a decorative design or symbol.  Today it makes a lovely fabric pattern for a dress. This pattern never fails on a dress fabric. It is one of those distinct patterns that make a dress stand out.

  1.      Aboriginal

As its name suggests, it was indeed a pattern that was designed and created by the central Australian Aboriginals and it is quite intricate. It was a pattern used in ground mosaics and for traditional ceremonial purposes. It makes a lovely pattern for dress fabric especially if you want to go cultural in your look.

  1.      Scroll

This is a pattern that looks like a scroll as its name suggests. It is spiral and that looks like the curves of a loosely or partly rolled parchment scroll.  A very lovely design for patterns of dress fabric. It is a pattern that is meant to be part of a well-designed dress.

  1.      Paisley

This is a droplet-shaped vegetable motif that originated from Persia and India. The pattern is sometimes referred to as “Persian pickles” by Traditionalists in America specifically the quilt makers. The paisley pattern makes a lovely pattern for a dress and just like the others you can choose to have the pattern bold and colorful or smaller and more toned down. It is a busy pattern but lovely especially when the motifs aren’t randomly placed.

  1.      Plaid

This is a checkered or tartan twilled cloth that was initially made of wool only. Today we see the plaid fabric pattern on shirt fabrics and dresses too. The pattern makes a lovely dress fabric that looks amazing. There are bold colored plaids and calmer and mild tones depending on what effect you want your dress design to have.

  1.      Stripes

This is a pattern of parallel lines on a contrasting background. It is not limited to textiles for home décor only but it can also be incorporated as patterns for dress fabric. It is perfect for making lovely dresses especially for plus-sized women who would love to appear slimmer and taller. The parallel bands give the illusion of slimness and tallness when worn.

  1.  Argyle

This is one of those geometric knitting patterns consisting of different colored diamonds in solid and outlined shapes with one background color. The pattern has Scottish roots, the name Argyle being the name of a branch of a Scottish clan. It makes a lovely dress fabric.

  1.  Quatrefoil

This is a pattern consisting of a flower with four petals or a leaf with four leaflets. It is sometimes made up of an attached stalk. However, it is hardly referred to as a flower design but described as a foil.

  1.  Bead and Reel

This is a pattern design that was initially on sculptures and moldings but today it appears on dress fabrics as well.  It is a pattern with a thin line consisting of bead-like elements alternating with cylindrical-looking ones. It was a popular design in Greek and Hellenistic cultures but today it has become a common pattern with dress fabrics in the modern fashion world.

  1.  Fret

This is another ornamental patterned design that is made of repeated and symmetrical geometric figures that are often contained within a border. It is also famously known as the key pattern. This pattern makes a lovely dress fabric especially if the colors on create a lovely contrast.

  1.  Anchors

Like its name suggests this is a pattern that consists of anchor images on a contrasting background. The pattern is not only ideal for wallpapers only but for dress fabrics too and makes a lovely dress.

  1.  Hearts

Just as the name suggests this is a pattern consisting of love hearts against a contrasting background. It makes a lovely pattern for a dress fabric and ideal for making dresses for people who love the heart sign. Could also make an ideal dress for Valentine’s Day for obvious reasons.

There are more fabric patterns for dresses but the above are the most commonly used. If you are looking for a patterned fabric to make your dress, the above list should be your inspiration.


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