Best Tips for Healthy swimming to help you protect your skin and hair

Best Tips for Healthy swimming to help you protect your skin and hair

The all-in-one fitness habit swimming has numerous benefits for your body and your mind. It is indeed one of the best ways to attain all-around fitness. You visit a beautiful pool swim regularly but soon realize that your body is suffering from rashes. What do you do? Well, it’s not new that the chlorinated water in the swimming pools does affect your health- both outside and inside your body.

While it’s great to develop a good habit of swimming, it is important to develop other healthy habits around it to make sure you don’t add a sour taste to the feel of swimming. Check out a swimming pool made by Frameless Fences Central Coast. Here are a few measures which would help you avoid the negatives:

Shower, Shower, and Shower

People usually take a shower after swimming, but you know what? A healthy swimmer should shower before the swim as well. The chemicals used to treat the water in the pool might end up distorting your skin. The water on your skin before you go swimming would help you cope up with that and would avoid reaching the chemicals directly to your body. While a simple bath would do, it would be better if you take a shower in lukewarm water.

Apply Oil/Cream

The best way to protect your skin while you are going to swim is applying a layer of oil, or if possible, sunscreen all over your body after taking a bath before swimming. Oil is an excellent repellent and would check all kinds of chemicals touching your skin. It is the best way to avoid direct contact of pool water with your skin.

Hair Conditioning

Your hair is probably the worst affected part of your body when you go swimming. Even after taking a bath after the swimming when all the chemicals get showered off, some chemicals get stuck in your hair strands. The best way to avoid them is to condition your hair right before you jump into the pool.

Avoid Unhealthy Swimming Conditions

Before focusing on How to swimfocus on Where to swim? Unhealthy swimming conditions might land you in a pool of trouble. You must know where not to go for a swim. Places with strong chlorine smell in the pool, slippery surfaces, and dirty water are the must-avoid ones as per convention. You must keep a regular check on these traits before going to swim.

Shower Cap

If you can’t condition your hair regularly or feel too much hassle oiling it, you can opt for a shower cap, which is an excellent way of avoiding harmful chemicals. Worn by almost all professional swimmers and available at a cheap affordable rate, a shower cap might be the way to go if you are lazy enough not to condition your hair. For girls with long hair, shower cap should be a must-wear gear for swimming. You would not want your beautiful hair strands to get indulged in a war with each other. 

After-Shower Shampoo

If there were a rule book for healthy swimming, an after-shower shampoo would fall in the first place. We are mentioning it as the last topic in this article because it has become more or less a norm in almost all places. So, if you don’t shampoo your hair after swimming, you must start doing it from today!


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