How Roofing SEO Generates More Leads For Your Roofing Company

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There’s a lot of competition between roofing contractors. Clients only contact you when they need something installed or repaired, so projects can sometimes be few and far between. If you don’t appear on the top three Google results when you search for roofing contractors in your area, you should work on your SEO.

Search engine optimization or SEO is a digital marketing strategy technique that focuses on increasing traffic to your website by boosting your visibility on search engines like Google or Bing. It utilizes links and keywords to ensure that your site can be accessed by your target audience, sending potential customers your way.

Here’s how roofing SEO generates more leads for your roofing company:

  1. Inbound Marketing

SEO can significantly boost your leads since it’s an inbound marketing strategy. Whereas traditional advertising interrupts people from what they’re doing, users are the ones turning to search engines because they have a need.

When searchers type in their queries, they’re giving Google or Bing permission to display relevant results, which often includes brands that can help them with their problems. These people are high-quality leads because they’re already interested in your products and services.

These are the three aspects of inbound marketing that can boost your sales:

  • Attract – Ads, video, and blogging are ways to attract your target audience. Provide them with relevant content that’ll keep them interested in what your brand has to say.
  • Engage – More than attracting potential customers, you have to create lasting relationships with them through email marketing and lead management tools. Personalize their web experience with smart content to make them feel welcome in your site.
  • Delight – You must always deliver the right content to your web visitors to cement your authority as a source of knowledge in roofing. Compelling content is one that users can easily share with their family and friends. It also comes in a variety of formats.
  1. Organic and Long-Term Traffic

The traffic and leads you generate from SEO are organic, which means that you did not pay search engines directly to promote your brand on ad banners and the like. Even if you work with Even if you work with Best SEO Roofing Company, your leads are still considered organic because clients find your website through Google and Bing, not through paid advertisements

Plus, you also get long-term traffic. A blog post or video is only created once, but it can still bring in potential customers even when it’s old. This is a primary advantage against PPC Services(pay-per-click ) ads because you have to keep on spending money for them to be displayed.

  1. Build Brand Authority

Search engines have rigid metrics that determine whether a particular web page contains the right content for a query. Most people know this; that’s why they trust Google and Bing to deliver the best answers to their problems.

When you work on your SEO, whether you learn on your own or hire an agency, you boost users’ perception of your brand. This is especially true when you reach the first page in search results because it means that your company is a leader in the roofing industry. People will notice you and turn to you when they have issues with their roofs.

The top two tips on how to build brand authority for your website include:

  • Creating High-Quality Content – High-quality content is your primary tool to attract, engage, and delight web visitors. More than filling it with the appropriate keywords, each blog post should provide relevant information to your readers.
  • Building Backlinks – When people link back to your website, Google sees this as a vote of confidence in your content. Create compelling articles, infographics, and videos that are shareable to boost your brand authority.
  1. Local SEO

While SEO does provide leverage for small businesses to compete with large corporations when it comes to brand advertising, it’s no easy feat to dominate search engine page results. That’s why you must focus on local SEO.

Local SEO promotes your business to customers in your area. By adding a geographical tag to your keywords, like “roofing contractor NY” or “roofing contractor MN,” you boost the chances of your website showing up in search engine queries in those places.

This is particularly useful for roofing contractors because you need to actually visit clients’ homes to install or repair their roofs.


SEO is a valuable tool for roofing contractors to generate leads. It’s an inbound marketing strategy, so you can be sure that your brand is promoted to high-quality leads or interested clients. You get organic and long-term traffic, which allows you to save money on paid ads. Plus, you get to build your brand authority and promote your company to people in your locality.


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