The Shag Shine – A Guide to Cleaning Your Carpets

The Shag Shine - A Guide to Cleaning Your Carpets

Remember when you laid your carpet, and you felt the luxurious shag between your toes. It’s hard to believe it was ever as bright as it was, especially now that it’s looking more lackluster than ever. Before you give up on your carpet, you’ll be relieved to know that you can revitalize it to its prior state. Get your floors singing again with our guide to cleaning your carpet.

Find a shampoo that actually works

If you haven’t had much success with shampooing your carpet previously, you may have been using an inferior brand. Many homeowners have been using Bissell carpet shampooer, and have found that all marks and stains are lifting with the unique quality solution. The appliance and spray solution can also be used as a preemptive measure, to maintain upkeep and do its bit to safeguarding future stains. Some shampoos will give a light clean, but Bissell will give a deeper clean that’s required to keep a busy home in its optimal condition.

Remove all clutter from the floor

This is 101, but so many of us do an express cleaning job without moving or picking up the objects that prohibit a thorough clean. These cleaning habits will become concrete rituals soon enough. If you have carved out the time to clean your carpets, take it a step further and relocate your furniture and the items that touch your carpet so you can give your clean it due. This also eliminates the chance of valuable items being sucked up into your vacuum or damaged in a carpet shampoo cleaning process.

Get in those tight spots

The horrors typically lie in those cramped places that don’t get much of a look in. But just because it’s hard to get to, doesn’t give you a free pass to skip that cleaning step. Your vacuum and carpet shampoo unit have specially designed nozzles to get into those spaces – so use them. These little pockets may need more time drying, so make sure you keep your rooms aired post-shampoo. If you have rugs and mats in your space, always remember to have those off the floor before you begin the cleaning job so the carpet underneath does not get neglected.

Keep your appliances in good condition

The quality of your tools always affects the quality of the job being done. Just as a reputable carpet shampooer is needed, you also need to equip yourself with a high performing vacuum cleaner. Buying the right appliances upfront will give you longevity, but maintaining your appliances is also very important and not often practiced by homeowners. Store these units in a place where they won’t be dragged out every time you need to access something behind it, and keep them somewhere they won’t collect too much dust and scuffs.

Clean regularly

It would be great if these cleaning measures only had to be done once, and the effects last a lifetime. For now, that’s just a dream. The fact is, deep carpet cleaning should always be on your task list and conducted at least once a month, with vacuuming once a week. The more diligent you are with regular cleaning, the easier it will be each time to lift the marks and mess as they don’t have the time to get deep into your carpet fibers.

It’s only when we clean our vacuums and see before-and-after pictures of our shampooing that we fully appreciate how bad the clean was needed. Set a hard and fast rule in your home that this critical task must happen on a chosen day to keep you accountable and your fellow residents accountable. Remember that the more you clean, the easier the job actually is and the more likely those grimy fibers will come out.


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