How to Choose the Right Kitchen Cabinets for Your Fast-Approaching Renovation

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Cabinets for Your Fast-Approaching Renovation

Renovating your kitchen can be very exciting. You get to choose the details that will make it something special.

But it can be daunting too. Which utensils should you buy? What color scheme works for the tiling? Should you go for the double or single door refrigerator?

Lying amidst these decisions is one big one: How to choose kitchen cabinets. There are plenty to pick from, but which ones are right for you?

Read on for some great tips on how to do this…

Think About the Cost

Before you start poring over glossy catalogs and websites of beautifully bedecked kitchens, get a budget in mind.

Other than the machinery required in a kitchen remodel, cabinets can be the biggest way to watch your money trickle down the kitchen sink. You can find dozens of cheap kitchen cabinets online, but make sure you are also getting high quality cabinets as well. You wouldn’t want your cabinets falling apart within a year.

But hell – you’re redoing the room, it’s not a waste of cash. But you have to be realistic and set yourself a sensible budget. Remember, if you overspend on cabinetry, you might end up not having the funds for another equally-expensive part of the kitchen.

You wouldn’t want to be left without a stove, right?

Which is Which?

Kitchen cabinets come typically in one of three types.

Stock Cabinets

These are found at the cheaper end of the spectrum and start at around $70 per linear foot. You might typically have to budget, therefore, for about $2000 worth of cabinetry, if going for stock cabinets.

With stock cabinets, you can usually get them from kitchen stores, home centers and places like IKEA. They might not be as sturdy, there might be less of a selection to choose from, and you may have to build them yourself.

Semi-Custom Cabinets

The next type of cabinet tends to be more appropriate for those who can double the earlier-mentioned budget. Or even stretch it and go a tad higher.

With cabinets between $100 to $250 per linear foot, semi-custom are more accurately fitted to an individual kitchen. You’re looking at between $4000-$5000 here.

Custom Cabinets

The most expensive type, custom cabinets are bespoke and will be designed to fit your space exactly. There is more scope here to add on your own flourishes too. The downside: it is likely to cost you upwards from $500 per linear foot.

Settle on Style

Your next decision lies in the style you want for your kitchen cabinets.


Do you like the idea of cabinets with glass in them? Some like to incorporate this into the kitchen, especially if their crockery or China makes for an interesting style statement.

Obviously, you won’t want boxes of cereal or bags of flour on display, but if you choose to go with one or two glass cabinets you can impress with decorative plates and bowls.

This is an excellent way of injecting a burst of color into the kitchen if you have settled on lighter, more neutral shades.


If you go with a framed cabinet style, these will typically come with drawers and doors attached to a framed outer box and a facial frame.

Frameless cabinets feature doors and drawers attached to the box, without a frame.

This seems self-explanatory – and perhaps a little pointless. But frameless cabinet styles are typically considered more modern looking.

If you choose frameless though, it’s better to go for custom or semi-custom cabinetry, as these will be of better quality. The sturdiness and high-end manufacturing will ensure the lack of frame won’t impact the usability of the cabinets.

Check out a variety of different types of kitchen cabinets online by pursuing sellers, like this company.

The Fun Part

It’s time to accessorize, choose colors and embellishments.

This part of the process is when you can decide what kind of overall look you want the cabinets to have. And this deciphers the look of a kitchen overall too.

Obviously, the more you add, the more expensive it gets – but this is something you can calculate when you get to grips with your budget (see above).

Ways to accessorize the cabinets include selecting different types of door handles, what kind of finish you want the wood to have, and whether there might be any extra design details you want to add on.

Use this opportunity to think about built-in power outlets, pull-out cabinetry, touch open/close features, waste storage, lift cabinets, hooks or rails for pots, pans, mugs, and cups.

Think about how the counters will look once your electronic kitchen items are placed around them. Could your cabinets be designed to hide these? Do you want to make a feature of them or keep them tucked away? Do you want a busier kitchen or a clean, minimalist look?

Can you install lighting into the design? Do you want lit-up cabinets inside or lighting from underneath them, lighting the worktops beneath?

All of these effects can be structured and determined from the cabinetry, and all play a part in how to choose kitchen cabinets.


It’s not a bad idea to look at the cabinets you already have. Can they be renovated themselves? Can you give them a makeover and save money in the long-run?

Perhaps not, but it’s always an idea to consider this when choosing new cabinets.

If you decide on a brand new color, it can merely be achieved with a sand down and a new lick of gloss. Maybe this is the way to choose your new cabinets.

Extra Tips on How to Choose Kitchen Cabinets

Have you got any extra ideas or tips you’d like to share with our readers about how to choose kitchen cabinets? What works for you? What style secrets have you uncovered? Let me know in the comments box below.

And be sure to visit more posts on the site for even more tips for home projects.

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