How To Avoid Common Winter Plumbing Issues

How To Avoid Common Winter Plumbing Issues

Wintertime is an excellent opportunity to enjoy your time off with friends and family over the holidays. However, the season also often means that you may experience problems around your home, such as with the plumbing.

It’s a wise idea to not only inform yourself of what the common winter plumbing issues are, but to also discover ways for how to avoid them. The last situation you want is to come home to a mess of leaking or standing water that you have to spend time addressing and cleaning up. You’ll feel a lot more prepared for the cooler temperatures when you take the time to educate yourself on the most critical potential issues.

Frozen Pipes

One common winter plumbing issue that many homeowners have the risk of experiencing is frozen pipes. It’s always a wise idea to get your pipes checked and make sure they’re protected as soon as the colder weather hits. For instance, Windsor Plumbing is experts in the plumbing department and will be able to help guide you on knowing what to do to ensure you don’t have any pipes burst during the cold winter months.

Clogged Drains

Another typical winter plumbing issue to be aware of is having clogged drains, including with your sinks, drains, and toilets. You can quickly avoid having to deal with this by making sure all of your drains are getting rid of the water promptly and not putting large amounts of food down your disposal. Also, if you’re experiencing any clogged drains, then first check to make sure there aren’t any objects or hair blocking the passageway.

Water Heater

The reason most water heaters tend to fail in the wintertime is that they’re working that much harder! It’s common to have it break on you during the worst possible time – when it’s cold and snowy outside. Take the time to check how old yours is and get it replaced as soon as possible if it’s outdated and you’re expecting guests in your home. Also, be sure to perform any required routine maintenance in advance because by doing so, you will know it’s in good shape and will last you over the wintertime.

Water Line Leak or Break

While a water line leak is never a pleasant occurrence, it can cause you even more trouble in the wintertime. A frozen line can easily split an old pipe, and in turn, you may find water leaking everywhere. Spend the time and money to ensure your water line is in good shape before the cold winter months hit. If you notice any leaks, make sure you get these taken care of immediately while the weather is still nice. The reality is that any leaks you might find earlier in the year are only likely to get worse and cause you more damage with the change in seasons.

It’s important always to take the proper precautions before you experience any water leaks or damages. Use these tips to help you get through the winter months in one piece so you can save yourself a few headaches and also some money in the long run.


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