Bring Some Glamour to Your Bathroom: How to Create a Salon Interior Design Masterpiece

Bring Some Glamour to Your Bathroom: How to Create a Salon Interior Design Masterpiece
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In 2016, homeowners spent a whopping $350 billion in home remodels and improvements. As it turns out, the master bathroom was one of the most renovated areas in the home.

Bathrooms have become an essential point of focus in real estate. For one, it’s one of the most used rooms in the house. Second, it can provide you with a lucrative opportunity to create a luxurious, spa-like experience.

Interested in designing a bathroom that resembles a fancy salon interior? Let’s get into it!

Don’t Fear Color

For years, whites and neutral beiges dominated the bathroom scene. Today, more and more homeowners are in favor of, well, more color.

Gray has been a popular choice in recent years. However, you can move even bolder than that and try out black paint.

Black is bold. It’s a statement color, and if you want your bathroom to make a statement, it’s worth considering.

Dark tones can help make your furnishings and accessories pop. They can also make for a classy interior that naturally looks more expensive than it really cost! Best of all? Black doesn’t nearly get quite as dirty as white. Talk about an incentive!

Colorful accents can also make the space pop. More and more people are requesting vanities or showers in vibrant colors like greens and blues.

Consider Modern and Industrial Accessories

There’s been a high demand for edgier, sleeker bathroom styles in recent years. Dark woods, metal finishes, and vibrant tile patterns have all made lasting impressions on homeowners.

Of course, this is a modern trend. There’s no way of knowing if and when it will go out of style.

However, it’s one that’s dominating the remodeling industry, and for a good reason. The appearance comes across as effortless- but also downright stylish.

Smart Bathrooms

You have a smartphone. Maybe you have a smart TV or smart refrigerator or a smart car. Have you considered applying the smart trend to your bathroom?

Even though the bathroom may be the last place you’d consider technology, don’t overlook it. Remodeling trends are seeing everything from smart showers to automatic sinks to automatic lid openers.

If that seems excessive to you, consider simplifying it by adding a Bluetooth speaker system to your shower. Now you can sing your favorite tunes without skipping a beat!

Open Showers and Large Bathtubs

When it comes to the shower and bath space, bigger is almost always better. Think about it. Would you rather soak in a massive tub- or feel cramped?

Would you rather have an open shower that provides you with ample space? Or, would you rather be crammed against the wall?

Expanding the space can be expensive. That said, you may be able to recoup the investment if and when you sell the property.

Creating a Salon Interior On A Budget

Don’t have time or money for a complete remodel? Want to spruce up your space with minimal effort? There are plenty of tips to consider implementing.

Update the Artwork

You’ve probably spent hours finding and hanging (and obsessing) over the art in your bedroom or living room. What about the art in your bathroom?

A lovely piece of framed art can open the entire room. Browse through your favorite home improvement store, Etsy, or Pinterest for inspiration. Or, find something funky at a local craft fair.

Just steer away from framed photos. Guests might feel uncomfortable staring at a photo of you while doing their business!

Upgrade Your Towels

Do you have a cheap set of mismatched, thin towels? Invest in upgrading them to luxury towel sets.

The best part? You’ll feel like you’re in your favorite spa or renovated hair salon everytime you dry off after a shower.

Change Out the Lighting

Most people overlook lighting. However, when it’s done effectively, it can open the entire room.

If you have a small bathroom, you can make it look larger by transforming your ceiling into a focal point. Install a small chandelier or medallion with teardrops.

You can usually find these at a home improvement shop at fairly inexpensive prices. From there, you can hang it up yourself or hire an electrician to help.

Install Floating Shelves

Do you need a bit more storage space? Consider installing floating shelves above your toilet or near the shower.

They are relatively inexpensive, and they are very easy to install. They are also incredibly versatile. Even if you don’t need them for storage, you can decorate them with small accessories or candles.

Swap Out Knobs

Can’t afford to replace the whole vanity? Consider just swapping old knobs for shiny, new ones.

This is a very inexpensive project, but you’d be surprised at how much it can improve your bathroom’s appearance. Furthermore, you can do the installation yourself.

Clean The Bathroom Regularly

Want your bathroom to be a showstopper? Keep it in tip-top condition! Many people wait until their bathroom starts getting grimy and messy to clean.

Instead, commit to a regular, weekly schedule. Scrub out the toilets. Clean the tile and scrub out the shower grout. Wipe down the mirror.

Once a month, commit to a deep clean. Purge out the cabinets and mop the floor. A clean bathroom is a luxurious bathroom, so take care of your space!

Final Thoughts

There are so many ways to transform a bathroom into a sacred place that resembles your favorite salon interior. Get creative and fun with the process!

Are you interested in modernizing the rest of your house? Check out this helpful guide to get started!


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