21 Excellent Ideas for Memorable Graduation Gifts for Her

21 Excellent Ideas for Memorable Graduation Gifts for Her

For the past several years, women have made up the majority of college attendees. After years of hard work, graduation day–when it finally comes–should be an important and special occasion.

You want the graduate in your life to feel ready to take on post-college life.

College graduation gifts are a perfect way to celebrate the grad in your life. The best graduation gifts show someone how proud you are of everything they’ve accomplished.

Below, we’ve put together a roundup of the best graduation gifts for her. Any one of the items from this list will make an already special occasion truly unforgettable.

Read on to learn more!

1. A Diploma Frame

The most important souvenir that any graduate takes away from their time in college is their diploma. It is so much more than a piece of paper – it is a symbol of all the long hours of studying.

Getting your graduate’s diploma professionally framed is one of the most thoughtful college graduation gifts. It gives them a way to display all that they’ve accomplished.

2. A Class Ring

Many colleges and universities design a commemorative ring that is unique to each graduating class. Purchasing this ring for the grad in your life is one of the most thoughtful gift ideas. Every time she looks down at their finger, she will be reminded of her time in school.

3. An E-Reader

After reading so many textbooks and classroom materials, you would think the last thing a grad would want to do is read more. In reality, though, many graduates are excited by the idea of being able to read books of their choosing again.

An electronic reader that can hold multiple books on a slim, portable device, is a graduation gift that makes reading for pleasure easier than ever.

4. Kitchen Supplies

Kitchen supplies make good college graduation gifts for any grad who will be moving into a new apartment or living space. Often, if they’ve been living in a dorm, they don’t have most of the kitchen essentials they’ll need when they are on their own.

5. Flowers

Flowers are a classic gift for celebratory occasions, and graduations are no exception. When the graduation ceremony is over and you are reuniting with your graduate for the first time, it’s nice to have a bouquet in hand. It will instantly make her feel special.

6. A Christmas Ornament

A commemorative Christmas ornament makes for one of the best graduation gifts because it’s something that will be used consistently year after year. Choose an ornament that has the name of the school she is graduating from or that comes in the shape of a diploma.

Each time she pulls it out to decorate, she’ll be reminded of her accomplishments all over again.

7. A Subscription Box

Graduation may only last one day, but that doesn’t mean that your gift can’t keep going! If you give the gift of a subscription box for graduation, the recipient will get goodies in the mail for as many months as you choose.

There are so many different themed boxes available–from beauty to food to travel–so you’ll have plenty of graduation gift ideas for her.

8. Journal or Diary

Graduation marks the beginning of a new chapter in someone’s life. After being in school for so long, transitioning to the “real world” comes with its ups and downs.

Journals and diaries make good graduation gifts so that recent grads have a place to share their thoughts and document all of the changes they are experiencing.

9. Blazer Jacket

If the graduate in your life is beginning a job hunt or starting in a new position, she’ll need to look the part. A smart blazer jacket in a solid color like black or navy blue is always professional and never goes out of style.

It can be dressed up or down, so it’ll be perfect for any work environment.

10. Jewelry

Because graduation is such a special occasion, it makes sense to celebrate it with a particularly special gift, like jewelry. For many young women, post-graduation can be a time when there is a lot of change in their life.

A beautiful piece of jewelry from a loved one can actually be a comforting token and something that makes them feel confident as they take on their new life. This piece could be a necklace or bracelet. It could be something they wear every day or something they take out for special occasions. View here for more ideas.

11. A Smart Speaker

Whether it was a study playlist or the soundtrack from a favorite movie, it’s a safe bet that music played a big role in your graduate’s college life. For anyone who loves having music on in the background, a smart speaker that is voice-controlled would be one of the best college graduation gifts.

12. A Gift Card

Sometimes, it’s hard to know by graduation day what the recent grad in your life will need most. Some graduates move home for a time, while others move into new apartments or share a living space with roommates.

To be on the safe side, you can always give a gift card that will allow them to purchase what they need the most when they need it the most.

13. Gym Membership

For college graduates living on a lean budget, exercise classes and gym memberships can be a luxury they can’t justify spending money on. Yet, exercise is one of the best ways to deal with post-graduation stress or combat the negative effects of sitting in an office all day.

That’s why gym memberships, yoga studio memberships, or exercise class passes make great college graduation gifts.

14. Tote Bags

The days of backpacks are over! Gift your recent college grad a smart and sturdy tote bag instead. Choose one that’s big enough to carry a laptop computer, as well as all of the essentials like a wallet, keys, and cell phone.

15. Sheet Set

If the grad in your life is moving into their first apartment, get them started out right with a set of high-quality sheets. Expensive sheets are something that young women rarely buy for themselves, but will always appreciate receiving as a gift.

16. Framed Photos

After college, people scatter, and it’s rare for graduates to end up in the same city as all of their friends. As a thoughtful gift, frame some of her favorite photos of her friends and family, s she can feel close to them no matter where she is living.

17. Plants

It may found silly, but having plants in the house or apartment can help combat feelings of loneliness or stress, which college grads can be particularly susceptible to.

If she doesn’t know where she’ll be living yet, you can always give a gift card to a nursery, so she can pick out the plants that best suit her new place.

18. A Trip

After years of hard work, many college graduates want to take some time to relax before beginning the job hunt or starting in a new office. A vacation to an exotic location–like an international destination–that your graduate can enjoy with her friends or family is one of the best graduation gifts ever.

19. Travel Mug

Surviving on caffeine isn’t just for college students. As your graduate transitions to the workforce–and waking up early every morning– a travel coffee mug will become her new best friend.

20. Security System

Some of the best college graduation gifts aren’t glamorous, but they are practical. A security system can help a young woman who is living on her own for the first time feel safer and more comfortable in her new place.

21. A Toolkit

Having a few basic tools–like screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, etc.–should be a requirement for every new college graduate. They will always come in handy, especially if she is renting a place to live.

Having DIY skills can also build someone’s confidence and help make them feel more independent.

Ready to Shop Graduation Gifts for Her?

No matter how big or small, graduation gifts for her are the perfect way to show the recent grad in your life that you’re proud of everything she’s accomplished. You’ll be honoring the hard work of her past, and setting her up for a successful future.

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