4 Tips To Buying New Glasses

4 Tips To Buying New Glasses

The eye is a very delicate organ of the body. Any slight problem can have severe ramifications for the entire body. However, if you have issues with your vision you can have it corrected by wearing prescribed glasses. Glasses come in various designs, colors, frames, and lens making it tricky to pick the right one. To help you out, you can consider the following tips.

  1. Consult a Professional Eye Doctor

Selecting the right prescription glasses online can be a daunting task, especially if you are not sure what to look for. Therefore, the best way to buy new glasses is by consulting a qualified eye doctor beforehand. An eye doctor will be better placed to offer you valuable advice in choosing glasses that will suit your needs. Purchasing improper glasses from unauthorized optical stores and centers will result in far-reaching damages to your eyes.

  1. Go For Multipurpose Use

Glasses are of different types catering to different eye problems. In most cases, many people will have single prescriptions. However, you might find yourself having two prescriptions, one for reading and another for distance.

So, if you have been given two prescriptions by your eye doctor, then varifocal glasses should be your best bet. The glasses will save you the time and effort of walking around with two pairs of glasses and having to change glasses every now and again.

What’s more, when selecting glasses make sure that the lens and frames match your needs. For varifocal glasses, deep frames and progressive lens are highly encouraged due to their larger viewing area.

  1. Personal Style and Face Shape

Finally, you decided to dump your old glasses for new, bold and exciting ones. The essential thing to do is to match your new glasses to your personal style. For instance, conservative glasses that are oval or rectangular in shape with black or silver frames are the best suited for a serious and professional style. If you are in the creative profession then glasses with geometric designs, fancy frames and colors should fit your bill perfectly, as they will highlight your creative edge.

Besides, you should also ensure that your new glasses perfectly compliment your facial shape.  The human face is categorized into several generic shapes; diamond, round, square, heart, and oval. Choosing the right glasses that match your facial shape will help give you a balanced appearance. For instance, if you have a round face, the best glasses would be that which has a rectangular frame to elongate and structure your face appropriately.

You can match your new glasses with your eye color, hair color, and skin tone.

  1. Opt For Online Purchase

Did the last glasses you bought at the physical optical store cost you a lot? Try purchasing new ones online. With the current technological advancements, online shopping has become the norm and has brought about several benefits.

First, you will be sure to get good glasses for less. This is because you deal directly with the company without involving middlemen hence saving on cost. Second, you will have a wide array of glass selections to choose from, meaning you will not miss something that ticks your needs list. Getting glasses direct might have you wondering how they would look on you since you can’t try them on. Luckily, some optical online stores allow you to upload photos of yourself and test how the glasses will look on you before purchasing.

Lastly, you do not have to waste your time and energy driving to the Optical Centre to pick your glasses. All you need to do is shop online and wait for them to be delivered at your house.


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