5 Kitchen Trends for 2019 for A More Practical Kitchen

5 Kitchen Trends for 2019 for A More Practical Kitchen


There are so many amazing kitchen trends that are about to take 2019 by storm! From matte finishes and raw materials to minimalist kitchens that are fabulous, the new styles for the new year are going to make for some amazing kitchen design! However, when it comes to “what’s in”, being popular doesn’t always mean it is practical!

Finding trends that are not only stylish but functional, is setting the tone for kitchen renovations in 2019. There are so many inspirational kitchen renovation ideas out there, it’s hard to choose one that is both trending and sensible. There should be a balance between style, comfort, and function throughout the space! Here are five of the most amazing kitchen trends for 2019 that are set to make your kitchen more practical!


Minimalist kitchens are really fashionable right now. Making the most out of every little thing in the kitchen, as well as making for clean counters and smooth textures, minimalism is shaping up to be one of the most popular trends in 2019.

In order to keep life minimalist in your kitchen, you need to keep your kitchen down to only the basics! Minimalism is all about making the most out of what you already have available and not cluttering your life with useless things. A GREAT trend to keep your kitchen streamlined!

Here’s a look at minimalist trends that are making kitchens all practical, no-nonsense:

  • Hardware. Having no hardware, or simplistic and functional hardware is really popular right now.
  • Minimal Counter Clutter. If you don’t know which kitchen gadgets to keep, and which to move on from, take a look at websites like Homewareinsider.co.uk. They test out home goods and create detailed reviews on the good, the bad, and the useless! That way you can keep your counter spotless!
  • Concealed Hood Ranges. Having a minimalist kitchen means keeping everything on the down-low. Concealed hood ranges are extremely popular right now because they create clean lines and cohesiveness within your kitchen!

Minimalism doesn’t mean you have to get rid of absolutely everything in your kitchen. It simply means to keep what is in the room all business. All out practicality!

Setting a Mood and Tone

5 Kitchen Trends for 2019 for A More Practical Kitchen brighthttps://pixabay.com/en/kitchen-furniture-room-interior-3623328/

When it comes to usefulness and practical application, setting the mood of a room doesn’t seem all that important. However, once you have a tone in place for your kitchen, then everything else will fall into place. Your kitchen is one of the busiest rooms, there needs to be a feeling people get when they step into the heart of your home!

Taking from recent trends where kitchens are bright, all-white masterpieces that are always pristine, 2019 is flipping them on their backsides! It is NOT practical to have an all-white kitchen! Especially if you, I don’t know, actually use it to cook in!

You can see every spill, every splash, and don’t even start in on it if you have children! Even the most harmless of sippy cups throws the whole room out of balance. You spend more time cleaning every drop of oil off your cabinets than you do enjoy the space.

So in 2019, look for darker tones, mood-setting paint colors, and more inviting lighting. This will not only create a more comfortable atmosphere but create a room that can be lived in. It’s not a BAD thing to thoroughly clean your kitchen every day, but spending so much time making it look immaculate, rather than purposeful is just far too much for everyday life!

Island Life

Not so much a new trend, but one that will certainly be more creative in 2019, is the addition of a kitchen island. If you have room and are willing to add some reasonably sensible renovations to your kitchen, then you should definitely think about adding a kitchen island.

5 Kitchen Trends for 2019 for A More Practical Kitchen island


Adding a kitchen island is not only a trend that will inspire you to cook in your kitchen more, but it is incredibly practical! Here are just a few sensible reasons to add an island to your kitchen:

  • More counter space. This is a must-have in every kitchen! The more space you have dedicated to rolling out pizza dough, putting down a basket for fruit, or simply using as a catch-all, the more function you can get out of the space!
  • Centered Sink. Some kitchen islands can be a little more practical with the addition of a sink! This will not only put your sink in the center of the kitchen but add another level of function to the kitchen island.
  • More storage. From more drawers to more trash bins, kitchen islands create more storage for all of your kitchen needs! This is a real trend that will make for a more functional and sensible kitchen
  • Seating. No matter what you do, if you have people in your home, they always flock to the kitchen. Adding some bar stools, or some elevated chairs to line your kitchen island will provide more seating options for everyone who comes to graze on your spectacular food!

Islands are incredibly functional ways to add-on to your kitchen!

Raw Materials

One of the most popular incoming trends for the new year will be the addition of raw materials back into the kitchen. This means natural backsplashes made from stone, shiplap wall coverings, décor made from jute, and so many more options!

You may be asking yourself why these are practical additions to your kitchen, and we’re here to tell you it’s all about cost! Natural materials repurposed materials, and organic materials are actually less pricey than prefabricated items. Your stone backsplash will be half the cost of custom tile work.

5 Kitchen Trends for 2019 for A More Practical Kitchen sink window


Not to mention, with all the high-tech appliances coming out, natural materials will create an amazing juxtaposition in the heart of your home. Plants and small herb gardens are also a huge part of the raw materials movement in kitchen design. Lots of nature and lots of love for this 2019 trend!

Digital Everything

In high contrast to the raw materials, the trend is another trend of going all in on a super technology-oriented kitchen. From smart refrigerators to wifi-enabled coffee makers, the digital kitchen of 2019 has an app for everything.

You can already see the possibilities for having the ability to control the temperature of your freezer from your smartphone. The practical applications of technology in the kitchen are almost impossible to measure! From knowing exactly when the turkey is finished to being able to see what is in your fridge from 1,000 miles away on your app, these tech-savvy appliances are meant to make life way more comfortable!

There are so many advantages to having a digital kitchen in the modern era! We can only hope that this trend will lead to even more practical tech developments in the home!

Seeing the Future

Predicting trends for the new year isn’t an exact science. From going all out tech-savvy to having more and more nature-centered kitchens, the trends that are starting to pop up for 2019 are incredibly diverse!

These five trends are not only going to be everywhere in 2019, but they are extremely practical! Make your life a little easier by adding an island, introducing cost-effective stone, minimizing the clutter, and setting the mood in your kitchen! There’s so much that the future has in store, it might as well be useful!


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