4 Ways Freezer Bags Are Better Than Zip Top Bags

4 Ways Freezer Bags Are Better Than Zip Top Bags

When it comes to storing food that hasn’t already been preserved or frozen, it’s often a little confusing to figure out what the best method of storage is. Papers, foils, and bags all demand attention, and if you don’t know any better, then it’s just easier to focus on the plastic bags and use those as food storage.

Specialized freezer bags, however, have several advantages over regular plastic bags, and it will be worth spending the extra money if you intend to keep your food frozen without risks. Who knows, you might even start making extra portions with confidence if you know you can freeze them.

Freezer bags are thicker

Durability is extremely important in freezer storage, and freezer bags are made for the freezer’s tough conditions. This means that they can’t be easily torn or punctured, and they also are better at protecting food from freezer burn. Basically, if you are going to be storing food in the freezer, then a specialized bag will help over the long term.

They won’t break down

Most plastics are not freezer safe as they can become raw and brittle over time when left in frozen conditions. Not only can this cause freezer burn, but chemicals from the plastic can leach into the food when the plastic is allowed to thaw.

A freezer bag is made from a polymer that allows the plastic material of the bag to stay nice and safe when it comes to being exposed to the cold for a long period of time. So, having a freezer-safe plastic bag will keep both the food and the bag durable to be used again.

They can also be used with a vacuum sealer

Using vacuum seals to further freeze food ensures that the freezer bags are kept clear of any excess moisture, which can cause ice crystals to form on the food. If the food is otherwise exposed to air or water, mounds of ice can form which can suck out the flavor.

They often hold larger amounts

This works if you are freezing leftovers or preparing extra food for a party. Freezer bags are often found in larger sizes and are used to freeze everything from soups and meats to bread and pizza dough, so don’t worry about having to stuff a meal’s worth of food into those tiny zip-top bags! One freezer bag often does most of the work.

Some foods can’t be frozen, such as eggs, fruits, and creams, but for those foods that can be frozen and can be stored over a long period of time, freezer bags can help you store meals without the risks that come with using other containers.

Just be sure that everything you use is as sealed as possible and you reheat it quickly before consumption. Thawing can be as simple as heating it up in the microwave or transitioning it to a refrigerator the day you want to eat it.


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