What You Need To Wear Under A Mini-Dress!

What You Need To Wear Under A Mini-Dress!

First of all, let’s start with the fact that a mini dress from one of a number of fancy dress shops is something for which you don’t need to wait for summers. You can wear it in summers with some casual shoes and in winters with some gorgeous boots. What you wear under a mini-dress is equally important. The lingerie you choose to go with it has to be spot-on.  Want some tips and tricks for that perfect look sans any fashion faux pas? We knew the answer would be yes. A girl can always do with some fashion tips and tricks.

#Pull off a Marilyn Monroe with those body shapers

The wind is not going to be your friend on many days when you are sporting that mini-dress. You need to be well prepared for a flyaway show of your flared mini dress or a mini skirt. The body shaper keeps your bottom and thighs well covered for that fleeting second of the show it all moment. It gives a good shape to your thighs and tucks your bottom and that tummy flab in as well. You can go in for a shorter version of the body shaper or a full body suit, the choice is yours.

# Seamless panties: the answer to your visible panty line woes

What You Need To Wear Under A Mini-Dress!

The biggest concern that comes as a complimentary gift with that mini-dress or mini skirt is the danger of your panties showing, seams and all from under the dress. The first step for you is to ascertain your perfect panty size which can be the weapon of your choice to avoid a booty show.

# The butt wedgie in that oh so clingy mini dress

What You Need To Wear Under A Mini-Dress!

Static is the nemesis of synthetic and jersey material and is a big pain in the bottom, pun intended. The crackling sound makes you go bananas along with the fact that the hair on your body stands up with that charge. This material though falls beautifully on your silhouette but it sticks and clings to the inside of the thighs, between the buttocks and on it. The body shaper that covers the thighs is your answer to this problem too.

# Boy shorts for coverage, comfort, and a good stretch

What You Need To Wear Under A Mini-Dress!

These beauties cover more than just your crotch area, look extremely chic and are super comfortable. You can go in for lacy boyshorts under that mini dress but make sure you pick a pair that doesn’t have too evident panty lines or is seamless.

# The bra is important too

What You Need To Wear Under A Mini-Dress!

Thecwill define the kind of bra you would need wit it. Bras that are balconette and demi-cup are perfect for a square neck. A plunge bra and front open bra for a deep neck and a backless bra are good for that low cut dress to flaunt your chiseled back. A word of caution here would be that the mini-dress is a work of art and you can only accentuate the look by wearing a bra size that is perfect for you. You can refer to the bra size guide of your preferred brand to crosscheck if you have the right size.

How to accessorize your mini-dress

  • Wear that dress or mini skirt with some long knee length or calf length boots to complete the look
  • Throw a denim or leather jacket over the dress to get the street look and an oversized waterfall shrug for a boho look
  • Accessorize well with a metallic choker and a metal strap sling bag to get the pub look


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